Skin Cancer Prevention – What You Should Know!


Summer is here after a long winter and everyone is planning to spend more and more time on outdoor activities, a chance to enjoy the warm sun. As enjoyable as it is to have some fun in the sun, are people protecting themselves from the worst part of staying under the sun i.e. skin cancer. […]

Longer Waiting Lines For US Veterans Compared to Last Year While They Seek Health


In 2014 a scandal over false records and extremely long waiting times created havoc in the Department of Veterans Affairs, 40 veterans died waiting for care. Since then the number of veterans that go on waiting lists of minimum one month is more than 50 percent. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA or DVA) […]

Relay for life raises more than $70,000 – Candles lit to honor survivors


“We have a lot of program services and research that happen because of Relay for Life,” Long said. “We are so happy to have community support.” Hundreds of people gathered at the Northwest High School on Friday night, for the 2015 Relay for Life of Hall County, which managed to raise 70, 000. Last year, in […]

Elderly Beware! Financial Scams Target The Aging American


Elder abuse is probably the most under rated of abuses in individuals, but the sad truth is that it’s quite common. June 15th being the day of elder abuse awareness. Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment that results in harm or loss to an older person. The personal losses associated with abuse can be […]