Amgen and Sanofi to fight for cholesterol medication crown


“The immediate cost in hospitalization and social consideration from heart assaults and strokes in Europe surpasses $100bn and it is much more noteworthy when you consider roundabout expenses,” he said. “The monetary advantage of keeping these occasions is very clear.”The European Commission gave the thumbs up to Amgen’s Repatha medicate on Tuesday and Sanofi is […]

Cholesterol medication gains approbation


Government controllers finally sanction the first of another class of medication that can forcefully lower cholesterol levels, offering another alternative for a great many Americans experiencing cardiovascular illness, the country’s driving executioner. The injectable medication is the first of its kind to increase endorsement on the US market, and offers a different option for well […]

Sleeplessness is Damaging for your Heart


Not getting enough sleep at night? It might be increasing your risk for cardiovascular diseases, stroke and other complications. A study done in Russia, and presented at EuroHeartCare, reports that men who slept badly were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack and up to four times as likely to have a stroke reports […]

*Munch* *Munch* 2 Bars of Chocolate a Day! Reduce Heart Disease by 23%, Scientific Research Reveals!


If you’re a die hard fan of chocolate then there’s good news for you! New scientific research suggests that chocolate – even milk chocolate – could do wonders for your heart and dramatically reduce chances of having cardiovascular disorders. A study conducted by the University of Aberdeen found that people who ate chocolate had a lower […]

Time to get Nuts for Nuts! Just 10gms will do it!


A new study from the Maastrich University in Netherlands has discovered that eating at least 10 grams of nuts or peanuts a day can lower the risk of death from several major diseases in comparison to those who do not. The reduction in fatalities was noticed more frequently in respiratory disease, neuro-degenerative disease, diabetes, cancer […]

Digital health interventions: More effective in reducing cardiovascular disease risk than taking Statins, Study


Digital health intervention is beneficial in increasing the survival  rate of  patients with cardiovascular disease, according to a published meta-analysis in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Researchers tested 24,000 patients for the for the last 25 years. Digital health interventions or telemedicine involves the use of email reminders, SMS text messaging, mobile apps and monitoring data. […]

Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women May Come Mildly, But are Just as Deadly

woman having heart attack

  Some people may experience symptoms of  having a heart attack and not even bother to see a doctor . Arlene Wilcox had felt those symptoms she thought were nothing to be alarmed about.  She actually had a heart attack when she was 66 three years ago and didn’t know it could have been fatal. […]