Fetal Tissue Essential For Research: Scientists State

BOSTON: The excitement on Capitol Hill over Planned Parenthood has fed an open deliberation about the utilization of tissue from prematurely ended fetus in medicinal exploration, however U.S. researchers have been utilizing such cells for quite a long time to create antibodies and look for medications for a large group of illnesses, from vision misfortune […]

Spotted: 100,000 times Brighter Auroras Than Jupiter, Unraveled by Astronomers Outside The Solar System


Brilliant ‘alien’ auroras 1 million times brighter than any of those on Earth have been spotted by astronomers outside the solar system. So far the only brightest known auroras came from Jupiter, which has the most powerful magnetic field in the solar system. In comparison, these newfound auroras are more than 10,000 times — and […]

California will survey features focusing on Planned Parenthood


California Attorney General Kamala Harris reported Friday she wants to survey two covert features discharged by hostile to fetus removal activists went for defaming Planned Parenthood’s techniques for giving fetal tissue to scientists to check whether any law was softened up the recording. “We will deliberately survey the claims brought up in your letter to […]

NASA: Kepler Mission Gives Birth To Another Earth Out There!


First they discovered Jupiter’s twin, now NASA has discovered Earth’s doppleganger titled ‘Kepler-452b’. Located in the constellation Cygnus, about 1,400 light years away, it is estimated to be about 60% larger in diameter than Earth. Scientists have yet to determine its mass and composition, although previous research of similar-sized planets insinuates its most likely to […]

El-cerrito Pretentious Oncologist Caught In A Scam; Minted Thousands Of $$$


Californian doctor impersonated Oncologist, where many innocent people may have been victimised. according to investigators. He fooled his patients by giving them false hopes, and minted thousands of dollars off them, providing fake treatments. Fern, diagnosed at stage four of breast cancer, also one of his victims reported that- El Cerrito’s Vincent Gammill, was 69 […]

Space X Failure Cost NASA a Staggering $110 million!


The money is all burned up. “That’s gone,” said William Gerstenmaier, a NASA associate administrator, referring to the money they lost when the SpaceX rocket exploded in midair June 28, taking with a whole lot of taxpayer’s money and a very precious student project. The Hawthorne, California-based company has already started an investigation into the […]

NASA: New Horizons Final Look At Pluto’s Dark Spots Revealed


NASA’s New Horizons has captured its last and best photo of Pluto’s four mysterious dark spots – lying on Pluto’s far side, always facing the dwarf planet’s largest moon, Charon. The last shot was taken on Saturday, from a distance of 2.5 million miles (4 million kilometers). The new photo is “the last, best look […]

Warning: Sharks Swimming near you!


Bad news for swimmers this 4th of July. Warning signs are going up from Rio del Mar to New Brighton Beach State Park as a large group of sharks swarm the waters at SeaCliff State Beach. So if you want to have a fun-filled day at the beach then better stay out of the water! […]

Jim Carrey Apologizes to Family for Posting Autistic Boy’s Photo without Permission


After going on a Twitter rant against a new California vaccine legislation this week, the ‘Truman Show’ star posted a picture of an autistic boy without seeking the family’s permission – landing him in some trouble. He later posted an apology to the family of Alex Echols of Eugene, Oregon. In one of his tweets […]

Californian Woman dies from “Naegleria Fowleri” Brain-eating Amoeba after Taking a Swim!


A 21-year-old woman from Bishop, California, has died from an extremely uncommon infection called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) – after vomiting and headache turned out to be a rare, but lethal bug-eating bacteria. It is rare infection of the nervous system caused by the microscopic amoeba Naegleria fowleri. The amoeba, is usually found in soil […]