German carmakers to buy Nokia’s HERE maps for US$3.1 billion

Empire State Tribune

BMW AG, Audi AG and Daimler AG will buy Nokia Oyj’s digital-map unit for €2.8 billion (RM11.8 billion), beating online-industry rivals such as Baidu Inc. for control of one of the biggest vehicle-navigation suppliers. The world’s three largest makers of luxury cars will each acquire an equal share of Nokia’s HERE division, and the transaction […]

Can Humans inhabit the Moon by 2020?


NASA: According to a new study, it is now possible to take humans to the Moon in the next five to seven years and build a permanent base 10 to 12 years after that. The research by NexGen Space LLC and partly funded by NASA lays out a detailed roadmap for when and how to […]

What Triggered The Space-X Rocket To Explode?


Company CEO and founder Elon Musk, revealed on Monday the reason behind the explosion of SpaceX Falcon 9 initially after launch. The rocket was meant to resupply the international space station (ISS) which has astronauts from both the US and Russia. A faulty strut inside the booster’s upper stage is said to be responsible SpaceX […]

Frozen “Carbondioxide Ice” Bull’s Eye Spotted on Pluto! Terrain is bizarre and unexpected


U.S. Space Agency NASA continues to release more images of the surface of Pluto – the latest ones reveal smooth, frozen plains. Close-up photographs of the vast plains were released Friday – several days after the first set of pictures from the New Horizons mission revealed a range of icy mountains as high as 3,500 […]

Hawaii: Strict Emergency Rule Called for Protesters at Mauna Kea


The battle rages on between scientists and the locals – with a $1.4 billion, three meter high telescope hanging in the balance. Hawaii officials have been forced to vote in favor of imposing restrictions on access to Mauna Kea after protesters blocked construction multiple times.The Board of Land and Natural Resources voted 5-2 Friday night […]

Here’s Why The ‘Pluto Flyby’ Is So Special


As New Horizons gets closer to Pluto, the pictures are getting better. The probe’s latest picture, released on Saturday, has given scientists more information about Pluto, which is described as a dwarf world. The new picture, although black-and-white reveals a band of patterned terrain extending 1,500 km around the globe. Despite having discovered Pluto is […]

NASA: All Systems Ready to Make Fly-Past of Frozen Dwarf Planet Pluto


Despite having discovered Pluto is part of the solar system a long time ago, we’ve never had a detailed look this frozen wonderland. Even with the Hubble space telescope this planet looks like a pixle-ated, blurred smudge. The plant is 4.8bn km away and so small about two-thirds the size of the Earth’s moon. However, […]

UN: 1/3RD Of The World Lacks Proper Sanitation


If you live in a third world country with poorly developed sanitation, then you’re extremely lucky to have a proper toilet system. According to the UN World Health, one third of the world’s population still lacks this basic commodity we take for granted in the West. If you still don’t value your toilet enough, go […]