Reclusive ‘Rare Beaked Whale’ Washes Ashore in Massachusetts


Swimmers and sunbathers were shocked to see an uninvited guest this Friday as a 17-foot-long female whale weighing almost a ton washed ashore on Jones Beach in Plymouth, Mass. Unfortunately, the whale was dead by the time it washed ashore and beachgoers couldn’t help the poor animal return to the water. These toothed whales are […]

Warning for Beachgoers: Beach Sand contains 100 Times More Fecal bacteria than seawater!


Beach goers in the past have been warned multiple times about flesh-eating bacteria and scary shark attacks – now it seems like we’re not even safe sitting on the sand at the seashore! Studies done with water and sand from Hawaiian beaches found a “higher abundance” of bacteria indicating fecal contamination – bugs such as […]

Warning: Sharks Swimming near you!


Bad news for swimmers this 4th of July. Warning signs are going up from Rio del Mar to New Brighton Beach State Park as a large group of sharks swarm the waters at SeaCliff State Beach. So if you want to have a fun-filled day at the beach then better stay out of the water! […]

Floating Terror Portuguese Man o’ Wars Invade Jersey Shores


Wildlife authorities are warning people about dozens of Portuguese Man o’ Wars which have invaded the Jersey Shore. They are easily mistaken for a ziploc bags – but their painful sting (far more painful than the sting of a common jellyfish) will make you regret ever getting close to them to inspect! And if happen […]

North Carolina! Watch Out For Shark Attacks


North Carolina coast has seen a wave of shark bites recently and now officials are evaluating how best to prevent further shark attacks and keep beachgoers safe. Beach towns nationwide have been hesitant to close the beaches or to warn the swimmers. Even after the latest attack, which occurred in Surf City, North Carolina, town […]

Flooding And Tropical Storms Resulted in High Levels Of Fecal Bacteria In Texas Waters 


As a result of the recent flooding and Tropical Storm Bill, the levels of fecal bacteria are high along the Texas coastline. Since the pas several weeks the rain has been carrying waste from pstream and has been dumping it into the Gulf of Mexico. Tuesday morning officials saw seventeen beaches with high levels of […]

Chosing Sunscreen- Why is public confused ?


Everyone is aware of the harms of not wearing sunscreen, it can cause sun burn, photoaging and most serious skin cancer, but in the many variety of brands available do you know which one to buy and why? Researchers conducted a study and found out that this problem is quite common among people. Individuals don’t […]

Your Skin Cancer Guide: What are common types of skin cancer?


According to the American Cancer Society, more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. And as the summer season is upon us, it’s time to take all kinds of protective measures to stay safe in the sun! Yes, we all love our outdoor barbeques, soaking in the sun […]

Tiny Tuna Crabs Take Over Beaches


Beach goers have been caught by surprise seeing the beach surrounded by dozens of tiny red animals. The tiny tuna crab is a bright red animal, up to 13 centimeters (5.1 in) long. It resembles a lobster, but has a shorter abdomen. Orange County beaches are seeing waves of these tiny crabs. They are thousands of them thus […]

Beware: The beach is one place where one gets infected with antibiotic-resistant superbug, study


In the first research of its kind, researchers at the University Of Exeter Medical School took a look at the measure of water ingested amid watersports to gauge individuals’ exposure to bacteria resistant to antibiotics. “Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections pose a serious threat to human health. It focused on the prevalence of E. coli and […]