Discovering appropriate habitat for “Earth’s bigger, older cousin”


The spotting of an “Earth like” planet by the Kepler spacecraft of NASA led to an announcement made by the officials which said that the newly found planet can have the possible conditions to support alien life. Being 1400 light years away from our home planet, Kepler-452b as called by the officials, holds alarming similarities […]

NASA Boffin: Time for Pluto to be Crowned ‘Planet’ Again…


NASA’s New Horizons has sent exciting waves in the astronomy world by revealing a side of Pluto never seen before. Latest images from the mission reveal the planet is not just an icy, inert wasteland at the edge of the solar system – in fact it is geologically active, with new glacier plains of nitrogen […]

Rare Solar Event: Venus in Transit Across the Sun

UK The Transit Of Venus Across The Sun

Extraordinary images were released by a study documenting the rare transit of planet Venus across the sun — that is, when the planet travels directly between us and our star’s surface. The spectacle occurs only once every 115 years! However, it last took place a little more than three years ago. Since then, a joint […]

Start Gardening To Reverse Global Warming


Climate change is the new talk of the town these days, countries are experiencing climatic conditions never seen before. Scientists, environmentalists and gardeners are all researching a solution to this threat. Experts are concerned and worried about the imminent dangers of this climate change. The climate change is a result of a disruption of the […]

Rare Spectacle Blue Moon Visible this July!


They are a rarity, hence the term ‘blue moon’. However, they aren’t actually blue in color – unlike the misleading name! A blue moon is simply an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year. The term has traditionally referred to an ‘extra’ moon, where a year which normally has 12 moons […]

NASA: Tuesday Earth Gets Crucial ‘Leap Second’


Reschedule all those extra chores and ‘to do lists’ for June 30 – you are in for an extra second! Officially NASA says it’s going to be the second longest day of the year because an extra second, or ‘leap’ second, will be added to the day. “Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, […]

Did Earth Look Like “Gliese 436B” Before Evolution?


A planet that is the size of Neptune, is losing its atmosphere, meanwhile forming a fat, comet like tail. The planet is 33 times closer to its parent star than Earth orbits the Sun. Using the Hubble Space Telescope’s light –splitting ultraviolet spectrograph, astronomers caught the sight of the planet called Gliese 436b, located at a […]

NASA’s Cassini Probe May Have Found Another “Earth”


One of Saturn’s moons, Titan, may have an atmosphere uncannily similar to earth, at least according to scientists. By looking at data from observations across the years by the Cassini probe, scientists found that there were interactions in Titan’s atmosphere that got nitriles and hydrocarbons blown into space from the planet’s poles. These patterns bear […]

Sinkholes On Earth Found To Be Similar To Lakes On Titan?


Saturn has many moons; its largest moon called Titan, has now been founded to have many common things to Earth. Titan like Earth, has rainfalls, rivers, oceans, a thick atmosphere, rocky ground and in a new discovery it also has polar winds. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been researching Titan since 2004 and has collected data […]