Why do Astronauts Develop Thin Skin in Space?


According to a new study, astronauts develop thin skin in space. Scientists analyzed the skin of Samantha Cristoforetti, Alexander Gerst and Luca Parmitano, both before and after their missions on the global Space Station (ISS) and discovered a marked difference. The study suggests that following space travel, astronauts seem to have more collagen. As a […]

NASA: Space Junk Forces Astronauts to Abandon Ship for Fourth Time


The threat of space junk was frighteningly highlighted in the movie ‘Gravity’ when Sandra Bullock’s character was stuck in outer space with the constant fear of space junk hitting her while she was stranded. Now, the crew at the International Space Station were compelled to take cover in an escape vehicle for a short time […]

NASA: Commercial Cadre Crew Confirms, Sunita Williams only Woman on board!


Nicknamed ‘Commercial Crew Cadre’, four NASA astronauts -Robert Behnken, Sunita Williams, Eric Boe and Douglas Hurley – are now going to fly commercial spacecrafts. They “are blazing a new trail, a trail that will one day land them in the history books” NASA administrator Charles Bolden said. Sending commercial flights to space is “all part […]

NASA: What is This Boomerang-Shaped Aircraft upto? Find Out..


NASA: The next mission in space is going to be a boomerang-shaped aircraft to Mars to check whether conditions are suitable for humans landing. The prototype of the “Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars” (Prandtl-m) is being prepped to launch from a high-altitude balloon later this year. “The ‘Prandtl-m’ will be released at […]

Neemo Mission: NASA International team dive deep into the Atlantic Ocean!


Underwater habitat maybe the closest to zero gravity conditions of outer space according to NASA. If you’re one of those crazy, space enthusiast who can’t wait to hop onto the next rocket ship headed for the Moon, then start your dream with deep sea diving! National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is once again venturing […]

NASA And Microsoft Team Up For Virtual Reality Testing In Space


Software giant Microsoft’s HoloLens has partnered with NASA to launch Project Sidekick. Project Sidekick is an initiative to send HoloLens devices to the International Space Station to explore the possibilities of holographic computing in space. In accordance with the plan, this Sunday, ISS will receive HoloLens devices during SpaceX’s commercial resupply mission. Microsoft’s HonloLens was […]

NASA Goes Deep Into The Atlantic Ocean With NEEMO 20!


NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operation, NEEMO 20 will evaluate tools and techniques for future missions in space. It will be tested if it is equipped for a variety of surfaces and gravity levels ranging from asteroids to the Moons of Mars and the Martian surface. In order to prepare NEEMO 20 for future deep space […]

Could There Be Life on Mars? Martian Meteorites Contain Methan


Scientists pried open six meteorites for testing and their research revealed an element that might help in search for life on Mars. Methane, a gas that microbes can utilize as food, was found in the space debris. Some other gasses were also found which were in proportion with those of Mar’s atmosphere. This new discovery […]

Moon Coated With Mysterious Dust ?


A cloud of moon dust is hanging over the moon and will fill in craters and eventually filling in the footsteps of astronauts, as stated by University of Colorado, Boulder’s Mihaly Horanyi. The speck of dust hangs over the moon for only a few minutes before showering back onto the lunar surface, but the dust […]

Without it, Earth Would be Called Planet Dementia


On Earth, we are protected from a multitude of hazardous cosmic particles and rays, specifically the cancer-causing UV rays of the Sun and the brain frying effect of cosmic rays. If we venture outside our home planet’s protection, we come across a space filled with new threats. Though these harmful rays and particles may be […]