While You Were Snoring: Trillion dollar Asteroid Brushes Passed Earth


You wake up one morning to find an asteroid floating by your window – and not just any asteroid, but one worth a trillion dollars! Freaky? And yet NASA reports that Asteroid 2011 UW158 passed by at six times the distance between Earth and the moon – still relatively close for a future asteroid mining […]

Sci-fi movies in reality, landing on a comet: Risky mission for orbitor Rosetta


Looks like science fiction shows were not for far from their mark in predicting space craft landings on comets. The fantasy soon turned into reality when the first orbitor to a comet Rosetta was launched in 2004. It arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko ten years later. Since then, it has been studying the comet’s nucleus and […]

Ceres to Dawn: Are those Lights Serving as Beacons, Warning Signs, or Just Some Reflective Ice or Salt


The world is like an expectant mother waiting to give birth. The agony of waiting and discover what’s in store for mankind in the asteroid Ceres has been the center of focus these past few weeks. The bright lights have even become more mysterious with the appearance of another one just beside the usual one. […]

Dawn Will Cover Ceres Comes March 16


Almost 10 years back, Pluto was stripped of its planetary status. However in the event that you were alive two centuries back, you could have been generally as conceited about Ceres, as well. On March 6, NASA’s Dawn light shuttle will visit the midget planet Ceres for the first time. Did you know Ceres, in […]

The Earth Is Holding Its Breath As Dawn is About to Arrive In Ceres


NASA just released new images of Ceres taken from the Dawn spacecraft. This picture showed a second brighter spot which is brighter than the first. They lie adjacent to each other the same basin. These pictures are just appetizers for the other pictures which Dawn will be sending back to Earth soon. The spacecraft will […]

Binary Asteroid 2004 BL86 Which Buzzed the Earth, Has a “Twin” Coming in 2027


Asteroids according to research, are small rocky space objects that orbit the sun. Their sizes ranges from 1,000 kilometers across, the same size of the popular Ceres, to a dust size particles found in asteroid belts. They pass by near Earth from time to time and those particles that separate from them and enter the […]