Will Changing the Formula of Measles Vaccines Creates a Change of Heart among Anti-Vaccine’s Group


 Well there be a change of heart among anti-vaccine groups if the measles vaccine formula is changed? What if the measles vaccine will just be for measles without those for rubella and mumps? Health officials can explore this possibility and ask the public’s consensus regarding this. Then a new clinical study should be performed and […]

The Disney Measles Outbreak:  Was it from a Visitor or from one of Disneyland’s Employees


  Both sides are heavily entrenched on its others beliefs. The government sees the needs of everyone getting the measles vaccines while those at the opposite spectrum are as eagerly against it. Do you think those people who oppose the vaccination effort of the government pose a great risk in spreading the measles? Are they […]

The Number of Unvaccinated Students in Some Bay Area Schools is Quite Alarming at 80%


  The Disneyland measles outbreak is spreading all over California. It was discovered that approximately, 5,000 kindergarten students in Bay area has no proof of having been vaccinated. Health officials are highly concerned by this because it might worsen the spread of the measles infection some more. According to a study of state Department of […]