Amazon is reigning in the online tertiary industry


Amazon’s flawless online services continue to grow and grow not only as means of online shopping but to give remarkable cloud computing business a full-service IT shop and now it has the right software and tools for it. The new service known as API (Application program interface) and what does it do? This technology is […]

Asbestos Found in Crayons and Crime Lab Kits – Linked with Lung Diseases


Are crayons your child’s favorite tool to fool around with in art class? You might need to change it to color pencils or paint as the EWG Action Fund reports that it found traces of asbestos in some crayons and toy crime lab kits. The agency is calling for a complete ban on the carcinogenic […]

Spotted: Amazon Giving ‘Prime’ Members Heavy Discounts Secretively!


After video and music streaming, free Kindle books and free two-day shipping, Amazon uses sales tactics to attract its buyers yet again with their new policy by offering game discounts if you own a $99 Prime membership. If you’re wondering “what game discounts are?” Amazon just released them with little splendor and presented it in a, […]

New Jersey Fisherman Caught Amazonian Pacu ‘Testicle Eating Fish’ Has Human-Like Teeth


Ron Rossi, fisherman in New Jersey recently caught a pacu – a tropical freshwater fish typically found in the waters of the Amazon River. The fish, notoriously referred to as ‘”testicle eating fish” became an overnight internet sensation after British tabloids picked up the story. The fish got their reputation as “testicle eating fish” after […]

Microsoft and 3 its Allies to Gang up on Google, Loosening its Grip on the $19 Trillion Android Market


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) may regularly appear like a powerful monster, yet one of its center shortcomings is the fracture of Android. Android is an open source working framework, which implies that anybody can adjust it. (NASDAQ: AMZN), for instance, supplanted Google’s administrations with its own particularly in Android to make Fire OS. […]

How Did Goldman Sachs Mananged to Make it to the Top of the List as the Most Hated Company in the US


  What does Wegman and Goldman Sachs have in common? They are both on top of their list. The similarity ends there, however. Wegman is on top as the most beloved company in the US, while Goldman Sachs tops the worst. It was close contest between Goldman Sachs and General Motors for the worst company […]

Amazon rolls out WorkMail that works with well Microsoft Outlook, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone applications


Online shopping magnate Amazon Web Services has just plunged into the e-mail services niche with its Amazon WorkMail. This new feature is not an app, but it is rather a managed business email and calendaring service that are built to go in sync with apps just like Microsoft Outlook, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, and Windows […]

Kindle’s latest update: Allows ebooks sharing with family members

Here’s a cool double treat for Kindle e-readers who are at the same time fond of bonding with their family. Now the users can share their ebooks with their family members without resorting to sharing their account Amazon on Wednesday has just released a free software update for the Kindle users that comes with valuable […]

Amazon unveils Echo speaker with built-in voice assistant and sweeping features.


Amazon will attempt to catch fire with the launching of its newest speaker which it dubs as Echo, a device that comes with built-in voice assistant and enticing features. The Echo, which is pegged at $199, is definitely many notches better than the average speaker since aside from playing your favorite music it is also […]

Twitter now allow users to add items on their Your Amazon wish list


The Yuletide season is now fast approaching and there’s great news for both users of Twitter and Amazon. Twitter now has become an excellent platform to handle your holiday wish list. Amazon has just announced last Wednesday that a new shopping hashtag will enable the shoppers to add items to their wish list by means […]