Proof of Alien existence at last? Mysterious ‘Haze’ Seen Above Ceres’ Bright Spots


We’ve been so focused on Pluto we’ve completely ignored another dwarf planet closer to the sun, tucked deep inside the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter: Ceres. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just spotted something spectacular about the planet! Mysterious bright spots were seen sparkling on the planet as the Dawn mission approached the […]

Opal Deposits Found In Meteor Points To Life Existence On Mars


A new study conducted by the University of Glasgow provides evidence for life forms on planet Mars. Researchers have discovered traces of opal gemstones on the surface of the Red Planet. Scientist Martin Lee and his team examined a Martian meteorite that had fallen in Egypt in 1911 by using a scanning electron microscope. The […]

Lead Astronomers Positive There Are Aliens On Comet

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Philae landed on a comet, which astronomers believe could have aliens. Churyumov-Gerasimenko or more commonly known as Comet 67P has a rich organic black crust under its icy surface and this is what is leading scientists to believe that there could be the presence if living organisms. Data from the spacecraft shows that the comets […]

UFO-Conspiracy Theorists Question As NASA Abruptly Cuts Off Its News-feed!


Is NASA trying to hide extraterrestrials from us? Social media has gone viral over the fact that the You Tube video captured by the global Space Station shows the presence of UFO’s. NASA cut the live feed from the global space station abruptly. It isn’t clear what is on the video but it has triggered […]

NASA Reveals Proof of Alien Existence: 4-Minute Video Shows 3 UFOs Abandoning Earth!

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Is it a hoax, or is it real? Live video feed from NASA shows lights of three UFOs leaving the Earth before the video feed cuts off. It has already gotten 850,000+ hits on Youtube as people start to wonder if aliens exist. However, according to Nigel Watson, UFO expert, the film may not be […]

Lakes and Seas on Titan seen just like Earth; Cassini


Titan, Saturn’s moon, may be the planet most similar to our Earth in the whole solar system thanks to its lakes and seas. A new study is now aiming to reveal how these holes formed on its surface. Data from NASA and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Cassini spacecraft shows that the moon’s surface bears […]

NASA’S Next Mission Into The Alien World Of Europa


The research conducted by NASA of Jupiter’s moon Europa, has been successful in its first mission and is now gearing up for its second phase of the mission, which is to move into the developmental phase known as formulation. NASA’s mission is to search for existence of life on Europa. John Grunsfled, associate administrator for […]

Bright Lights On Planet Still Remain A Mystery


NASA’s spacecraft DAWN captured best ever images of the bright lights on the dwarf planet called Ceres, which is located in our solar systems asteroid belt, despite this the bright lights still remain a mystery! Even after obtaining closer range pictures of the planet it seems that the planet is not ready to give up […]