Rosetta Spots Massive Sink Holes On Comet Large enough to Swallow Great Pyramid of Giza!


ESA’s Rosetta space mission has discovered massive sinkholes on the surface of the comet 67P it was studying since August, along with its larger module Philae – and turns out they are large enough to engulf Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza! The cavities on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, are huge, spanning some 200 metres in diameter and […]

Methane Presence: Comet 67P May have Separated from Something Where Life Probably Exists


  Philae is playing hard to get. Well, it might be that it’s not happy by the way Rosetta handled the drop from the spacecraft and may have landed somewhere it doesn’t want to be at the moment. Anyway, Rosetta has done a lot of experimenting on its own and has discovered that the surface […]

Rosetta Needs the Help of the Sun to Completely Analyze the Origin of Comet 67P


Scientists who studied the information gleaned from Rosetta spacecraft orbiting the comet, discovered that whatever it is that envelopes the body of the ancient space traveler is nothing but simple molecules. It is also enclosed by volatile gas vapors. Rosetta was sent on a historic voyage in 2004 to discover what comets are really made […]