Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Math is indeed a very difficult subject to deal with. To pull through one is required to have ample practice, great amount of patience and sound understanding of the basic concepts and principles.

These days a calculator (especially the scientific one) can be a potent tool in breezing past simple calculations and even basic mathematical expressions/equations.

Aside from the calculator didn’t you know that there is a free app that can help you solve your problems in math with zest and gusto? The name of this free app that is far better than a calculator is the PhotoMath of Microblink, a feature that can help you steer clear from solving simple linear equations, basic mathematical expressions, word problems and other problems related to the subject.

The app is not only great at providing answers but it also gives a thorough guide in answering each problem. This app would certainly be of great help to the students, instructors, teachers, parents and the list goes on.

The app is also a perfect fit for the individuals who are still beginning to learn the ropes of the subject thanks to the step-by-step guide the app provides. The app can also make wonders for students on answering their assignments and even for reviewing past lessons.

The app can also give the right answer so you will never end up on dead ends or loops, and at the same time, give you great joy every time you see your answer is identical to that of the app’s.

But some individuals in the blogosphere and social media are not in favor of the app as it will entice students to be dependent of getting things done using short cuts,.

A blogger named Kontra of quipped on Twitter, “Wet dream of high school math students, but perhaps not such a good idea?” and added “Equation solving is a learned process. Once you short circuit it, it’s problematic.”


According to Reuters, electric car manufacturer Daimler AG had just announced last Tuesday that it stand to amass a hefty $780 million from selling its 4% shares on its rival Tesla Motors Inc.

Daimler Chief Financial Officer Bodo Uebber said in a statement that their company is enormously contented with the growth of their investment in Tesla, but it is not essential for their partnership and cooperation. This prompted Daimler AG to pounce on their shares.

The sale of Daimler’s shares in Tesla will give rise to cash windfall of approximately $780 million, bolstering revenues before interest and taxes by the same amount for this year 2014. The earnings gained from the sale of the shares will be utilized to augment the operational business of the company.

Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche quipped, the cooperation accord to provide Mercedes-Benz cars with Tesla battery technology will be untouched by the stake sale. Zetsche added, “Our partnership with Tesla is very successful and will be continued.”


Samsung will attempt to weave its old magic anew as it will pull another rabbit from its hat, or should I say the Galaxy Mega 2 that comes with promising features. Yes you heard it right, Samsung which used to be the kingpin of smartphones and currently dislodged in that position by Apple and its red-hot iPhones, will try to broaden its market portfolio with the unveiling of the Galaxy Mega 2 in the United States through AT&T on October 24 after it is rolled out in several parts of Asia.

AT&T has just disclosed that it will kick-off the sale of the Galaxy Mega 2 beginning on Friday with different data plans. The Galaxy Mega 2 is pegged at $150 with a 2 year contract, $19.80 per month with Next 18, $23.75 per month with Next 12 and $475 with no contract. While the Galaxy Mega 2 is quite expensive, the handset’s specs are not on the same league with the flagship phones and not at par with the ones that strut excellent design and style.

Unlike its precursor that is the Galaxy Mega, the Galaxy Mega 2 comes with a bit smaller 6-inch, 720p display. The Galaxy Mega 2 features quad core 1.5 GHz CPU that is supported by a 1.5 GB RAM and has 16 GB data storage capacity, which can be expanded further by virtue of using microSD card. The Galaxy Mega 2 camera is equipped with a generous 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and a 2.1-megapixel front camera which is well-suited for taking selfie photos. The Galaxy Mega 2 operates on Android 4.4 KitKat mobile operating system that is peppered with the very useful TouchWiz UI that boasts of different modes such as one-handed, private, dual windows, and ultra power saving. The handset also has 2800 mAH battery that can last up to one day of regular use before needing a recharge.

Samsung has received various praises with its flagship phones Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note 4 is admired for its remarkable screen display, fast charging and enduring battery, while the Note Edge on the other end comes up with a hanging screen to the picture.

Not at par with its brothers, the Galaxy Mega 2, though it sports a big screen the handset is whipped up for the mid-tier users and it is quite expensive if you consider its specs and features.

The Galaxy Mega 2 is expected to face stiff competition from the inventive Sharp Aquos Crystal which has just been unveiled and available at $150 off-contract, and it comes with almost the same specs of the Galaxy Mega 2.

Samsung is not well-represented in the smartphone mid-range segment in the recent years but that is about to change with its new Galaxy Mega 2.  If you are a fond of phablets and love the features that TouchWiz brings in, then you may opt for the Galaxy Mega 2.

For mobile users who are into chic design and optimum performance, you may settle for the top of the selves S5 or the Galaxy Note 4 flagship phones.

Samsung is now broadening its market base, with the Galaxy Mega showing some signs of great potentials the company may penetrate the mid-range market and make its presence felt on this market.


Mozilla is currently developing a service that will cinched to give convenience and delight to the online users especially to those who are fond of chatting. There is a new software built for voice chatting and this service is currently available on its beta stage. Citing the report whipped up by PC World, the promising and exciting Firefox Beta will let you “chat with anyone regardless of what browser the other person is using.”

PC World quipped, “Firefox Hello is more than just a feel good alternative to services like Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s Facetime and Google Hangouts; it’s a way to communicate that doesn’t require the recipient to jump through any hoops. If you’ve ever tried to video chat with a far-flung relative and don’t know what software or services they use, there’s real utility in a chat option that doesn’t particularly care.”

Moreover, the service will work even with no special software or plugins for as long as the browsers of the people that are chatting together support WebRTC. Browsers such as Google’s Chrome and Opera support WebRTC.

The receiver end of a call can acquire a callback link and begin online conversation right away without using login or resorting to extra steps.

That’s not all, Firefox provides additional advantage like getting in touch with fellow Firefox users with a single click without sharing a callback link.

Mozilla is currently working with live chat platform provider TokBox to develop the wonderful service.



The big guns have had unveiled their vaunted product lineups, but the game hasn’t ended yet as Microsoft may launch its very own Fitness Band which is in time for the approaching holiday season. The software titan is purportedly developing a fitness wearable device that may be available in the coming weeks and will be put on sale for the festive season. The price of the wearable is not yet disclosed though.

Forbes’s Parmy Olson who collaborated with sources that are connected with the project said that the wearable comes with features like tracking heart rate and well-suited for various mobile platforms. The device is equipped with a heart-rate monitor that can be likened to Samsung’s Gear Live and compatible with iOS and Android using Windows Phone devices.

The wearable device is beefed up with battery can last over two days of regular use before it needs a recharge and this is one day longer than the battery life of the Gear Live LG’s G Watch. Both watches are driven by Android Wear, Google’s especially made operating system for the wearable device.

Apple also recently disclosed the launching of its own smart wearable device dubbed as Apple Watch that will operate a version of the iOS and can be a perfect fit for iOS devices.

It is not yet confirmed whether Microsoft Fitness Band will operate on Windows platform.

The company is making the most of its technical expertise on its Kinect division in coming up with an optical engineering experience.


Are you yearning to have the unlocked version of the OnePlus One smartphone which has just created stir in the social media sites, if your answer is yes then remember the date October 27 since this will be the very day you can pre-order the sleek smartphone.

Keep in mind that getting this smartphone is quite difficult to acquire then, as you need to get an invitation or partake in occasional promotions or contests of the company just to get a chance of having the phone. Thank goodness the handset will be available for those who are fortunate and fast enough to chip in pre-orders for the mobile device on October 27.

The pre-order window will only be available for one hour beginning at 11 a.m. EST so you need be very fast while placing your pre-order. Don’t worry if you can’t keep yourself glued with the time given since you can pre-order the mobile phone in advance.

OnePlus quipped “Go ahead and get your order just the way you want it,” and “Save your cart, mark your calendar, and relax. You’ve got this.”

Keep in mind that you will not get the phone instantly by virtue of placing pre-orders since there is an estimated shipping time before the handset will land in your hands. If you obtained an invite then you can avoid the long queue and have your mobile phone shipped at once.

OnePlus stated in a blog post that through invitations the company will be able to manage the high demand for the handset.

The company stated that, “The first two weeks in October saw a tornado of invites sent out in enormous batches of 20,000 and 30,000,” and added,  “This was our way of testing our servers to make sure we are well-prepared for dealing with a large volume of orders.”

The invite system is so far successful but still the company is quite anxious as anything can happen throughout the pre-order hour. The company also informed the potential owners to have patience if in case any technical issues emerge.

One can also tweet a link to the pre-order page to have a chance of winning the 64 GB black OnePlus One.

The OnePlus One smartphone comes with specifications that are almost the same as that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is pegged at $99.99 at Amazon and priced at $300 for the unlocked version.

It comes with a big 5.5 inches panel screed display, a relatively fast 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, decent 3GB of RAM, large yet enduring 3100mAh battery and settle for either a 16 GB or 64GB of data storage capacity.