Monday, August 4, 2014
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Love action? If yes, then this zombie killing board game is just for you. In the news, Kickstarter’s “District-z” is a zombie killing game, which is playable by 2 to 4 players. In kickstarter’s “District-z” the main objective of player is to kill the zombies, stay alive, and escape to the city’s edge safely. The gameplay time is about 30 minute or less. The game is easy to play, understand, and learn. It allow players to get in action right away. The game board is always randomly generated which determines the layout of the city at the start of each game. In the game, you play the role of one of the six survivor. Each of these survivors are granted a special ability which can help them escape to the city’s edge safely.

During each turn in the game, the players get to visit different location cards. Each Location card consist of an event table at the top of its text area. Another thing which makes this game interesting is that, this game is totally customizable. The event table is used to determine what happens as you make your way to the city’s edge safely. Above all, you must be the first one to escape the city in order to win the game

The players have to stay careful as the zombies await around every corner in the game. They are desperate, hungry and eager to sink their teeth into you and make you a member of their growing gang.

Kickstarter’s “District-z” contains 72 professionally-designed cards, 30 location cards, 26 item cards, 6 survivor cards, 6 survivor portrait cards, 4 location objective cards, 6 back zombie combat dice, 6 red survivor combat dice, 5 card stands, 4 city’s edge cubes, 25 wound counters, 25 infection counters, 20 zombie counters and 1 easy to understand rule book. The addicting and easy features of this game makes it a must try.

A few weeks ago, we talked about a new dispute that ended up with Apple being pretty close to paying around $400 million to settle reports that suggested the Cupertino based company was allegedly working alongside five large Ebook publishers to artificially raise the price of Ebooks on the iOS store.

Fast forward to today, and progress has been made to finally close up the eBook settlement. Court approval has been given to Apple to settle the claims for $450 million, $400m of which would go to eBook buyers, and $50 million to lawyer’s fees. This agreement was made in June, however it took till now for the court to approve the settlement.

The $400 million will be paid to buyer’s who have purchased unfairly priced eBooks across 33 states in the US, however, for the settlement to finally go ahead, the federal appeals court will need to uphold the findings from July 2013, which is when the eBook court dispute first appeared.

If the appeals court happens to overturn the judge’s ruling from July 2013, Apple will instead only be forced to pay $50 million to buyers, and $20 in lawyer’s fees, which cuts down the overall costs for Apple hugely.  The judge in charge of the July 2013 ruling, Denise Cote, suggested that it’s very unlikely that Apple will get off easily, however she finds that the small possibility for Apple to get off the hook is “most troubling.”

No matter how much Apple pays for the eBook settlement, the year long dispute will undoubtedly cause some issues for Apple’s public image, something that Apple clearly care a lot for.

It seems large companies in the mobile industry are constantly in and out of court for various issues, mostly involving patent disputes, however Apple’s recent alleged eBook price fixing strategies seem a little more serious, especially when compared against mostly unnecessary trips Apple make to the court room.


Kickstarter’s “Front Nine”  is an amazing card game for 2 to 4 players. The main objective of players in the game is to compete ane build the best nine hole golf course. Each hole consists of different topography which give access to the and green exits. Players need to ensure that the last hold is near to the club house, for this careful course design and development skills are vital. They must also add a balance of challenging par, some scenery and other required facilities. The course cards in the game depict each hole and after paying the land and resource cost for water, trees and sand, they are laid on the table to depict the actual layout of the game course. In the game, each player have to develop a course from the club house to first tee and from the green to following tee.

In Kickstarter’s “Front Nine” the course of the players also generates an income, which enables them to afford expensive land costs and the resources which are required to build and design every hole. Whoever designs the best links back to the club house, has the best design, Woodland, water hazards and bunkers will win the game.

The game play of Kickstarter’s “Front Nine” comprises of 4 simple yet exciting phases and takes multiple turns to play. The game usually ends in 40-45 minutes. The game consists of 36 course cards, 14  special cards, 3 resource market cards, 4 club house, 4 orange cash cubes, 18 resources cubes,  3 developed resource pawns, a start player token and obviously rules. The game is fun to play, easy to understand and addicting. It is totally mobile so that you can take it any where, at any party or get together to have fun with your friends and family.


After many years in hiatus, the Indian-owned Polaris Industries (PII), is now back in trail again and its motorcycles have blazed through the roads for one year now.

Polaris Industries (PII) is geared up in coming up with smaller and more affordable models as the company just unveiled Scout at the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, United States with American actor Mark Wahlberg taking the cudgels of promoting the debut of the bike.

The Scout is smaller and lighter than Chief Classic which weighs three times heavier. The 558-pound Scout carries a price tag of $11,000 and much cheaper than the Chief’s tag price of $19,000. Vice president of motorcycles at Polaris stated, “It’s exactly what everybody has been asking for.”

The Scout boasts of brand legacy and impressive history as it is once the company’s second best model in the middle part of the 20th century. The humble yet impressive Scout helped the American soldiers ripped through the western part of Europe during the World War II. The Scout model certainly carved out a niche in the motorcycle industry which usually takes many years to do this.

Polaris will surely be on a head on collision with top-notch Harley-Davidson which also played a good role in American history. Polaris which is on an all-out effort to market Scout still has lot of catching up to do as it is currently settling for the crumbles. Polaris’ sales just accounted for only 3% of the market in the heavy bikes category.

Polaris intends to increase twice-fold its network of 150 U.S. Indian dealers in the near future. Moreover, Polaris is also bullish on marketing Scout outside of India. The company is currently hiring around 300 employees at its plant which is situated in the Spirit Lake, Iowa, to hike its overall employees in the vicinity of 1,050.

“The most challenging thing has been going faster, earlier,” said Menneto, and added “People want more bikes; they want more apparel.”


Kickstarter’s “Infamy” is a skirmish card playing game, which features a hybrid game play. It features a wide range of intricately detailed 32mm scale miniatures.

Kickstarter’s “Infamy” is all about making various interesting stories in battle, so that their can be no faceless grunts. All the models in the game have a great personality and a well defined style. To success at the higher level of the play, the players need to find the right mix of the characters. In the game the players get to build a gang, which should have a balance of intelligence, skills, technology and most importantly, strength. For this reason each miniature has a symbol on it. The kingpins in the game have some special rules which adjusts the balance of gangs. Players can alter their choices at any point, even when the campaign has finished.

Another interesting feature of Kickstarter’s ” Infamy” is that it consists of up and down playing card driven skill system. Each model in the game is dealt an up and down card. If the total of the players is closer to 21,  then a wider the range of skills will be available through which the players can choose. This game is also about defense, – If the players put all of their model’s energy into defense, then you can easily bust by going over 21. After doing this, the players will lose attacking ability, but, the defense will comparitavily increase. Each character in the game has a body armour and get ward points on the wound track. The armor saves the players from major wounds and also record the wounds. The players will always need the kingpin to lead the gang, they can pick anyone to fight side by side for a wide range of tactical options. This game is full of addiction, excitement,  surprises and various intrestng characters, which makes this game a must try.



Samsung formally reduced the prices of Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note3 Neo that they offer in India. These two wonderful smartphones comes now with new price tags on their official Indian online store.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now cheaper at a price of Rs. 40,698, down 15.19% from its original price of Rs. 47,990, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is now cheaper at Rs. 29,570, down 12.47% from its original price of Rs. 33,990.

The South Korean communications giant is enticing the new slashed priced for the Galaxy Note variants through advertisements in various newspapers and TV broadcast stations in India.

Last April, 2014, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo had received a price slash from Rs. 38,990 to Rs. 33,990. On the other end, Samsung unleashed the Galaxy Note 3 in India at an entry price of Rs. 49,900 last year and now comes with a reduced price. Galaxy Note 3 Neo was also put up on sale last January this year.

Samsung is popular for its habit of reducing the prices of its devices as Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini also received price cuts last May, 2014. Just a month ago, the company also lowered the price of its Gear Fit fitness band from Rs. 15,450 to Rs. 12,100.

Samsung, however, divulge that Galaxy S5 will not receive a price cut as what reports have said that Samsung Electronics has lowered the prices of its Galaxy S5 series. To date, Galaxy S5 still carries a price tag of Rs. 51,500.

Note that 1 USD = 60.9678 INR as of 8/3/2014.