Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Consumers may not be able to purchase Bose products from Apple’s online store any longer if the if earlier reports of Apple of vanquishing Bose products from its touted retail stores.

Keep in mind that Bose is now an arch rival of Apple since the technology giant has just purchased Beats By Dre and keeping Bose products on its fold will certainly be an awkward move.

After Bose hacked out a wonderful deal with the National Football League (NFL), football players has started getting fined with a hefty $10K for wearing something that has Beats on its while on the bench. Apple and players are certainly not happy with this.

There are also earlier reports that Fitbit devices will also banish in Apple Store as well.  As we all know, Apple is plunging into the medical field with its versatile fitness device HealthKit and the Apple Watch. Fitbit opted not to join HealthKit and seemed ready for the consequences.


Toyota Motor China Investment Co. Ltd. has just announced that it will recall 1,880 imported Lexus vehicles in China because of fuel leakage risks beginning from November 14.

Chinese news agency Xinhua reported from a statement made by China`s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Department. The recall will affect Lexus models that were manufactured from July 3, 2007 to July 12, 2010. The faults in the engine oil pipeline of the cars  to be recalled may give rise to fuel leakages, the statement added.

The automaker company proffers to replace the pipeline gasket to get rid of the safety risks.


After the successful launching of its flagship iPhones, technology giant Apple Inc., the company is off to a very impressive performance ahead of the lucrative festive season where people are expected to be on a shopping spree.

Apple said that the company had sold 163 million iPhones for the past one year and 35.2 million units accounted for in the last quarter. The iPhones got a big boost with the release of the new models (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) last month which sold like pancakes in the first two weeks while on sale worldwide.

Not to be outdone are the iPad models where 225 million units have been sold, and 75% of the tablets sold was registered last years.

The company’s App store offers wide-range of iPad apps numbering up to 675,000 which also served as a prolific earner for Apple.

The iMacs’ sales also increased by 18% outperforming the rest of the field in the PC industry which posted combined negative 5% decrease.

Apple is indeed bullish on cashing in more revenues as its Apple Pay will make its debut on Oct. 20 even as 500 banks are prepared to support the feature that will rival PayPal and other online payment systems. Last month the company also introduced its smartwatch.



Social media giant Facebook will soon unveil a “safety check” feature which will let users inform their family, relatives, colleagues and friends that they are safe shortly after a natural disaster (hurricane, cyclone, earthquake, typhoons and among others) or an emergency has just materialized. This tool will soon cater to the mammoth social media site’s 1.32 billion users.

Facebook has been developing the tool after a powerful and deadly earthquake and tsunami pummeled Japan in 2011.

Facebook stated in a blog post last Wednesday that they wanted to provide a useful tool that people can employ when natural disasters surfaces out, so they come up with a user-friendly in notifying their contacts that they are safe.

The post also said that people sought Facebook during the Japan crisis and added that they witnessed how people employed technology and the social media to get connected with their beloved ones,

Facebook software engineers subsequently created the Disaster Message Board to pave the way for seamless and fast communications for those who are affected by the natural disaster. This undertaking later evolved into Safety Check.

The Safety Check feature will be accessible worldwide on different platforms such as pc desktop, iOS, Android, and among other phones. Subscribers in a certain region that has been affected by a disaster will be given a notification inquiring, “Are you OK?”

Users may reply with “I’m safe” and their friends will then receive notifications on their news feed.

However, there is no option on replying with a “No” for an answer and users cannot be able to say if they have survived the disaster but they needed rescue or any form of help.

Facebook will confirm the locations of the affected users by looking at their profile. Facebook will also utilize smartphone locations to determine if a user has been affected by a disaster.

Facebook stated: “Unfortunately, these kinds of disasters happen all too frequently. Each time, we see people, relief organizations and first responders turn to Facebook in the aftermath of a major natural disaster.”



One day after Google launched its Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 9 tablet, Nexus Player and Android 5.0 Lollipop in a low-key note, Apple unveiled one of the most important launching of tablets this year with its iPad Air 2.

The Air 2’s launching is not as glitzy as that of the unveiling of the company’s flagship phones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus), but this crisp tablet offers a lot of promising features and enhancements, has just raised the bar several notches further in the tablet segment.

The tablets boast of a fingerprint sensor, and will be available in three different colors which are gold, silver and gray.

iPad Air 2 – the world’s thinnest tablet.

The new model hasn’t received changes as far as its style and design is concerned but it is remarkably thinner than ever as it is just 6.1 mm thick. This implies that the Air 2 is thinner by 18% than its closest precursor iPad Air which was released a year ago and twice thinner than the original iPad which was launched in March 2010. The Air 2 will easily crown itself as the world’s slimmest tablet in the world thanks to the newest technology that compressed its components further.

The Air 2 also comes with a new display that boasts of an anti-reflective coating which is 56 percent less reflective than its latest predecessor.

An awesome feature that is also integrated with the Air 2 is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor .

Since the Air 2’s thickness was further reduced this implies that it may not be compatible with the accessories (cases, keyboards, stands and clamps) that are built especially for the iPad Air.

iPad Air 2’s souped-up internals

The innards of the Air 2 received a lot of enhancements too as it is now equipped with a new A8X processor and M8 co-processor, giving the new tablet a big boost on its speed. This implies that the Air 2 is 40 percent faster than the iPad Air. The Air 2 is also 2.5 times faster than its iPad Air’s A7 processor. The additional M8 processor has the ability to utilize the new barometer for measuring changes in elevation.

The Air 2 is also beefed up with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, the same feature that is present in the new iPhone models. As of this time, one cannot get the most out of this feature yet since its routers are not yet widely-used but it can help upgrade routers at home for faster transferring of files. Keep in mind that this will not give you faster internet access but instead makes your network connections at home faster.

The Air 2’s LTE now has 20 supported bands and can reach a rate of up to 150Mb/sec while utilizing carrier aggregation.

The Air 2 also follows the iPhone’s tradition as it shuns away from the common 32 GB data storage capacity version to make the line-up intact at 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

Enhanced cameras and new shooting modes

The tablet is built with an updated 8-megapixel iSight Camera with an f/2.4 aperture. This camera works simultaneously with the A8X processor’s built-in image signal processor. On its front, there is the FaceTime HD camera which is slightly enhanced and uses new lens with an f/2.2 aperture which is well-suited for taking low-light photos.

The Air 2 also receives burst photography which is absent in the new iPad mini. To use this feature you need to opt for the Photo or Square modes, then a counter will show you the number of shots that have been captured and the best images will be recommended for you to store.

Unexpectedly, Air 2 comes with a slow-motion video, at a rate of 120 fps which is quite inferior to the 240 fps rate of the iPhone 6. The tablet also has 2 microphones that can work in tandem for an immersive audio listening. The ohs and ahs, doesn’t end there as one can take panoramic pictures and time lapse videos too.

The Air 2 will run the iOS 8.1 and will soon feature the highly anticipated Apple Pay.

The iPad Air 2 price/pricing

Apple said that the iPad Air 2 is fetched from a price between $499 up to $829, with some models having more memory  will cost $100 less than the earlier models . On the other end, the company’s other offering which is the new iPad mini is priced from $399 up to $729.

Release date of the iPad Air 2

One can now pre-order an iPad Air 2 from Apple’s website starting on October 17. The tablets will be put up on sale next week. Meanwhile the iOS 8.1 will make its debut on October 20, Monday which is timely for other compatible iPads and iPhones.


After the successful debut of its flagship phones several weeks ago Apple is seemed not to leave no stone unturned as it is on the verge of dishing out more revelations to the delight of the eager tech fans and aficionados. Along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company had also unveiled its smartwatch.

Apple has established itself as a potent force when it comes to make announcements and the company seemed to have a lot of things to say about its latest offerings in the upcoming event which will take place today at 10:00 PT at its campus in Cupertino, California.

Save for the alleged leaks that surfaced out prior to the event about the company’s latest iPad models, Apple has been so quite about its new product lineup. But there is one thing that will likely materialized in the event and this is the traditional “executive presentation” that was cited on the invitation which will have series of announcements about the company’s latest hardware, software and products.

Many of the speculators in the industry have focused on the unveiling of the iPad models to pounce on the forthcoming yuletide season. Last year the company rolled out its latest version of the tablet which is the iPad Air.

Aside from the new iPads versions, Apple may also release updates to its Mac desktop computers.

The company was at usual modest way of sending out its invitations to the developers and to the press people, which comes with a phrase that reads, “It’s been way too long.” Fortunately, we are several hours away from knowing the revelations the company will finally unwrap.

The event will be held at the humble Apple campus in Cupertino, which gives a hint that the event is not as big as the one that is staged several weeks ago while releasing the company’s flagship iPhones.

The event will be shown live at Apple’s website through video-streaming starting at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. If you are keen on watching the event you are required to have a version of the Safari browser 5.1.10 or better on a Mac desktop that runs the OS X v10.6.8. You can also see the event through your iPhone that runs the iOS 6.0 or later using the Safari browser.