The secret behind a gluten-free diet. Facts you need to know..

Gluten free signal

A recent study has suggested that although only 7% American need gluten-free diet, more than 63% of Americans are conscious of gluten intake and try to avoid it. The most supported claim for this action is the belief that gluten would make them healthy and improve their mental capabilities. Among the most popular beliefs were […]

Researchers find a good treatment for Dry AMD (Age-related Macular degeneration)


Age-related Macular degeneration occurs in old age and causes serious disability where these patients cannot recognize things or people because of darkening and blurring of their central field of vision. In most of the patients, almost 90%, the disease is incurable. However, due to recent advancement in the field of medicine, a new property was […]

New and safer pain killer drug introduced in the market with a lower abusive profile


Narcotics abuse is one thing that the medical industry has been battling for a long time. One of the most important drugs used to relieve pain is morphine, a derivative of opium that has a great tendency for causing addiction. The most addictive among them is perhaps hydrocodone (Vicodin). To address this issue, pharmacists have […]

Have a complex job? Find how it is good for your I.Q


While most of us may be awed by the highest paying jobs, there is a reason these provide good finance but boost the intellect as well. The reason? The huge amounts of complex problems one has to solve daily. The scientist at the University of Edinburgh have reported their most recent findings in the popular […]

Neuroscientists surprised to find gut bacteria to be linked with brain


Bacteria can be harmful or helpful. While we have seen deadly pathogenic bacteria cause massive endemics, we have also seen the numerous auto-immune diseases in patients who have minimal exposure to bacteria. Companies have been selling probiotics for a long time now. What we really need to ask is are these helpful enough? Neurologists, in […]