Lamar Odom in a Fragile State

Lamar Odom is still in a very fragile state as he underwent surgery that was connected to his pneumonia. A source at the hospital confirmed that the infection that Odom had was apparently not getting better. There are growing concerns about Odom’s state of health with sources close to the family as well as the […]

A Review of ‘Walking Dead’ Season 6

Today, some of the most talked about TV series are The Walking Dead (Season 6), Empire (Season 2) and Game of Thrones (Season6). These are some of the TV series that evoke emotions of horror, violence, drama and spectacle making them some of the best series of all time. ‘The Walking Dead’ which is based […]

Tracy Morgan Anti-Gay Tirade

Tracy Morgan who is an American comedian was accused of launching an anti-gay tirade on a recent show Nashville. The comedian is seen saying that he would pull out a knife and stab his son if he were gay. In a matter of time there was a Facebook post “Why I No Longer ‘Like’ Tracy […]

Will Hayden Child Molestation Charges

The former star of Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns,” Will Hayden, has been indicted on multiple rape charges in Louisiana. The charges include two accounts of aggravated rape and a case of forcible rape. He faces a lifetime sentence if found guilty of the cases of aggravated rape. He is accused of raping a girl in […]