What’s Behind The ‘Easy Going’ Life Of The Panda ?


Pandas have been engaging scientists for decades with their ability to be so easy-going. Either one will see pandas making babies or dodging poachers in the wild otherwise they will be found lazing away, munching on bamboos. Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing published a new study in the journal Science. The study conducted showed […]

What’s ‘Endangering’ All The Bumblebees On Earth? According To Research…


People around the world are worried about the dangers of climate change. Another species suffering from the damages of climate change are the bumblebees, they are very important as they pollinate our flowers and plants. Things will never be the same again with these new weather patterns Earth is witnessing, bumblebees have had to change […]

New Horizon Discovers Pluto’s Real Size As It Nears The Dwarf Planet


NASA scientists have announced that through the data received by New Horizon, they have estimated the size of Pluto and it turns out that Pluto is bigger than initially thought. New Horizon, which is all set for its flyby on July 14th, has zeroed in on the diameter of the dwarf planet to be 1,473 […]

NASA gets the best click of the dwarf planet taken till date


NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft sends back more images of Pluto as it nears the icy planet; it sent back a stunning image on Tuesday when it was just 8 million km away from Pluto. By Thursday the spacecraft had moved within 6 million km of the dwarf planet as it prepares for its flyby scheduled […]

NASA’s NUstar Sheds Light On The Fiery Spots On Sun


NASA’s NuSTAR has been designed to look into the furthest-most reaches of space at some phenomena in the known universe. It has now been turned towards the nearest star to Earth, giving scientists an opportunity to study the Sun. In the recent past the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR has been sued to study […]

ExxonMobil-The oil giant was aware of the climate change in 1981 and…


ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international Oil and Gas Company that has no environmental responsibility and has kept quite since 1981 even though it was fully aware of the dangers of climate change. The oil giant continues its denial till today. It has been found out through reports and emails written by Lenny […]

 Life On Mars Caught In Opal Deposits?


A new study conducted by the University of Glasgow provides evidence for life forms on planet Mars. Researchers have discovered traces of opal gemstones on the surface of the Red Planet. Scientist Martin Lee and his team examined a Martian meteorite that had fallen in Egypt in 1911 by using a scanning electron microscope. The […]

Cone Snail’s Venom Thousand Times More Powerful Than Morphine


A sea-snail is a common creature but its cousin the cone snail is more dangerous, not only is it predatory against fish but also lethal for humans. Although the cone snail is poisonous, scientists have been researching it for quite some time for its medicinal purposes and pain relief solutions. A research study published in […]

Protesters Suing For Access To Mauna Kea- Where The World’s Largest Telescope Is Being Built


Hawaiian people are outraged as their governor cuts off their access for prayers near the summit of Mauna Kea during construction of a 30-meter telescope. A temple’s kahuna (Hawaiian for wise man) has stated that it violates traditional Hawaiian’s religion and has taken the matter to court. The world’s largest telescope is to be built […]

NASA’s Rover Opportunity Accomplishes Martian Marathon!


After 11 years in space NASA’s rover Opportunity has now officially and finally completed a marathon on Mars. Last week a video was released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, using the time-lapse feature, which shows the rover’s point of view as it covers an area of 26.2 miles of Mars surface. The total journey was […]