Top 5 best Sprint smartphones (Q2 2014)

Top 5 Sprint Smartphones

When it comes to smartphones, consumers have more choices than ever before. With countless companies jumping into the market producing a wide array of products,there is no shortage of choice. However, with so many options presenting themselves, it can be difficult to determine what network to sign with or what smartphones are worth purchasing. Take for example […]

Apple will make 3-5 million iWatch units each month for October launch

iWatch Units

Nikkei reported on Friday that Apple is preparing to produce 3 million to 5 million iWatch units each month ahead of the release of the smartwatch rumored to be this October. Supposedly, this information was provided by an unidentified parts supplier as well as other sources close to the project. The internal specifications of the […]

Amazon announcing smartphone at June 18 event Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings

Numerous rumors have been arising over recent weeks regarding Amazon. A number of sources have stated that Amazon is currently working on a smartphone, with some of these rumors dating back months. However when it comes to suggesting that Amazon is working on a smartphone, Amazon themselves may have given the biggest hint of all. […]

Google reveals encryption add-on for Chrome for added security

Chrome Gmail

Google announced a new add-on for Chrome titled End-to-End which is planned to keep user’s data and personal information secure from third party entities. This appears to be a direct push against the NSA. Google also called out other industry juggernauts such as Amazon and Comcast for being poor providers of email encryption. This add on […]

Samsung developing a virtual reality headset


The amount of devices Samsung creates is already broad, and the technology giant is now set to expand into virtual reality. According to Engadget, Samsung is currently developing a new virtual reality headset which is slated to be officially announced sometime this year. Sources working closely to the project are stating that working models of […]