Reasons that lead to a change in perception on premarital sex and homosexuality, study


Acceptance of premarital sex is high along with an acceptance of homosexuality,  researchers found. The researchers from San Diego University, Florida Atlantic University and Hunter College analyzed data from the General Social Survey, a nationwide representative survey of more than 33,000 U.S. adults engaged between 1972 and 2012. They discovered substantial generational shifts in attitudes […]

“Alien sounds” captured by a NASA student  experiment for the first time in half a century


For the first time in a span of fifty years, a peculiar ‘infrasounds’ was captured from the fringes of space. The sounds were recorded on-board a helium-filled-balloon student experiment,  by means of infrared ultra-sensitive microphones. Inexplicable hisses, whistles and whizz recordings were featured and recorded at  22 miles (36km) above the Earth’s exterior. Different theories […]

A super-hot super-Earth spotted 40 light-years away


For 2 years period of time, scientists have discovered a life-threatening planet where the atmospheric temperature ranges from 1,800-4900 degrees Fahrenheit. Astronomers are still undecided on what might be responsible for these extreme shifts in temperature. However, they have a study suggesting that the massive volcanoes on the surface of the planet may be blamable. […]

If life began in the ocean floor, according to study, What happened to Creation


Life began at sea, even the Bible says that. There was water before land and sea creatures before land dwellers. What it didn’t mention be that as it may, was that land dwellers came from the sea creatures.  However a just concluded research was able to prove that the simple microbes found at the floor […]

How dolphins choose their own friends and why: You’ll be surprised to know


The study was conducted at the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) in the past six and a half years, exposed that bottlenose dolphins exhibit a preference and avoidance behavior, just like humans,  dolphins have associates they like and others they elude. “One of the unique aspects of our study was the discovery that the physical dimensions […]

If Grantham’s report is true, that 2 degrees Celsius decrease in temperature not enough to save the world, what is the real solution


In the fight against climate change, scientists and policy makers on cutting carbon emissions to a level enough to maintain the planet’s surface temperature to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius above its pre-industrial level. But a published new analysis by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, on Monday said, we’re […]

Super hot rocky exoplanet planet defies all conventions known to man


  Scientists found an extreme planet forty light years from Earth,  in which atmospheric temperature was observed to swing erratically from 1,800 to 4,900 Fahrenheit(°F) degrees in  a two-year period course. Astronomers cannot ascertain what could be the cause of these drastic fluctuation  in temperature, but a new study suggests gigantic volcanoes on the planet’s […]

Global Herbivores Extinction rate increases from 2.8 % to 5.2 % at 2˚C post-industrial temperature rise, study


A study published in the journal Science concluded that extinction rates will accelerate with future global temperatures, endangering up to one in six species under current records. The author solution proposal is one that has been heard lately too many times to ignore: address climate change or more species will be wiped out. The study […]

NASA’s EM drive is the only working alternative available for Mars travel right now.


NASA may have effectively tested a form of space flight that could carry individuals to the moon in a short number of hours — and inevitably give us a chance to fly at speeds drawing closer that of light. With that in mind, it would now be possible to travel anywhere in the galaxy in […]

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is back in action ready to take on the dark side


Its back, the Large Hadron Collider is again smashing proton particles with renewed vigor after 2 years of upgrades and should be performing better now after its very successful run in 2013. The upgrade is expected to improve its energy levels higher compared to its previous performances. The coming collision experiments will be carried out […]