Scientists found ‘Hibernation protein’ that helps regenerate the connections between brain cells


Alzheimer’s is a chronic disease, which starts slowly and get worse with the span of time. A recent study has shown that according to scientists, hibernation might help treating those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. For an instance, if you have been somewhere cold during the winter, chances are that, you have to […]

Studies Revealed That BPA Chemical Used In Plastic Is Not Risky.


At some point we all have used plastic food containers and are totally familiar with them. According to some past studies, Chemical Bisphenol A, which is used to stiffen the plastic food containers, causes many health problems, including cancer, heart diseases, liver problems, infertility to kidneys diseases  etc. These studies prompted European Food Safety Authority […]

Tracy stands firm against Ebola


Ebola, the fatal infected disease has taken the African community by storm. Not only that, Ebola has made its way into news and researches as well. However, with Ebola on rise and due to the lack of vaccinations for dire prevention and protection, it has been concluded that isolation is the only motive and method […]

Insomnia leads to invariable binge drinking in teenagers


Nowadays, insomnia is high on the rise not only in aged citizens but also among teenagers and adolescents in different parts of the world. Surprisingly, sleep deprivation has remained a pivotal topic to debate on if one considers the youth and their corresponding health. In reference to the increasing ailments associated with insomnia and sleep […]

Alcohol, Sedatives, Analgesics and Reactions

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Drugs can have a lot of interactions with other useful medicines, narcotics, diet’s essentials or may also influence various actions on the body. Alcohol however, is a beverage which has become quite a custom of one of the major meals in America. In spite of the fact that alcohol may exert harmful effects on the […]



The New Year visited the rest of us with a major positive blow in the field of medicine and research. However, this year proved to be pivotal for research in the field, especially in relation to vaccines. Flu shots have been highly prescribed as pivotal vaccines when it comes to protecting pregnant women and their […]

Progress in Fighting Dementia: Dementia risks have shown to be declined by playing music.


A study of approximately 300 twins ascertained that those who were capable to make music had a one-third decreased risk of acquiring the condition. It is shown that twins, had 36 percent decreased chances to develop cognitive dysfunctions and dementia, who played a musical instrument in older adulthood. In accordance with a study published in […]

Heroin is not just harmful, but it can lead you to botulism as well


As of today three more people are seriously ill and were taken to the hospital in the west of Scotland with a suspected case of botulism poisoning, according to officials. With these three, the toll reaches to five, as two were admitted with the same complains at the start of the year. The common thing […]

Schizophrenia: A High IQ May Improve Your Chances At Sanity


It was thought that great minds might be at a greater risk of developing schizophrenia. But new research conducted on this particular subject suggests otherwise. The researchers of the Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University situated in U.S. and Sweden respectively, came together to conduct the largest study which explores the influence of a high […]

Didn’t Think Binge Drinking Was Fatal? New Trends Suggest Otherwise


According to the latest Vital Signs report released by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, drinking proved to be fatal for 2,200 people each year. Binge drinking is a common norm for people across the U.S. but death rates have been steadily increasing. Excessive ingestion of alcohol can produce alcohol poisoning and lead to death […]