Paul Ryan Pushing Ahead with the Speaker’s Bid

The tension between the hard right and the house leadership of the Republican Party is what pushed speaker John Boehner out of office. The race to succeed Boehner heated up with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy being fronted as the possible replacement only for him to bail out of the race in the last minute. Paul […]

McDonald’s Stocks Hit an All-time High

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook announced a rebound in quarterly sales a situation that saw McDonald’s Corp shares hit an all-time high. Easterbrook announced that the global sales were much higher than what had been projected and further stated that the trend is likely to remain positive in the current quarter. The increase in global sales […]

Lamar Odom in a Fragile State

Lamar Odom is still in a very fragile state as he underwent surgery that was connected to his pneumonia. A source at the hospital confirmed that the infection that Odom had was apparently not getting better. There are growing concerns about Odom’s state of health with sources close to the family as well as the […]

Fox News and GQ in a War of Words over Carson’s Column

Away from the presidential debate, another storm was brewing and this time it involved Fox News and GQ. This is after GQ published a column written by Drew Magary that did not have any kind words for Carson. Magary went guns blazing on Carson after the Republican’s presidential aspirant comments related to mass shootings in […]

Pressure Mounts on Paul Ryan to Replace Boehner

Paul Ryan is seriously considering running for the house speaker seat after pressure from his Republican Party. Source close to the Republican Representative say that Ryan is under intense pressure to vie for the seat after the party was blindsided by Kevin McCarty who is also the leader of the majority’s withdrawal from the speaker’s […]

Kevin McCarthy is out of the House Speaker Race

The House Republican party has been blindsided by Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the speaker’s race throwing the party in even more turmoil over who should succeed former speaker John A. Boehner. According to The New York Times, there is no clear leader in sight for the republicans amidst a high stake battle to replace Boehner. […]

FBI on ISIS Recruitment

According to the FBI Director James Corney, the FBI disrupted several recruitment attempts by the IS in the United States over the summer. Corney revealed to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that they had information that most of IS suspects in the U.S used encrypted communication gadgets making it almost impossible […]

A Review of ‘Walking Dead’ Season 6

Today, some of the most talked about TV series are The Walking Dead (Season 6), Empire (Season 2) and Game of Thrones (Season6). These are some of the TV series that evoke emotions of horror, violence, drama and spectacle making them some of the best series of all time. ‘The Walking Dead’ which is based […]