Paul Ryan Pushing Ahead with the Speaker’s Bid

The tension between the hard right and the house leadership of the Republican Party is what pushed speaker John Boehner out of office. The race to succeed Boehner heated up with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy being fronted as the possible replacement only for him to bail out of the race in the last minute. Paul Ryan is therefore seen as the best candidate for the speaker’s position despite his earlier statements indicating that he was not interested in the speaker’s post. However, Ryan is no better than Boehner as he faces scepticism from hardliners but in his defence, Ryan said that he was more ideological than any of the other candidates including Boehner.

Ryan spoke directly to the Conservatives assuring them that he would only champion form the most important bills in the house such as the immigration bill that had a majority backing from the Republicans. Ryan also promised to implement bold policy ideas such as the healthcare reforms and tax overhaul. In an interesting twist to disarm the growing tension, Ryan said that he was ready to walk away of the Conservatives said no to him. As it is now, Paul Ryan is seen to have ended the tension that has existed between the disgruntled Conservatives and the house leadership of the Republican Party.

The tension that has been building over the years has in the past cost the Republican Party Senate seats and weakened Congressional strength in terms of legislation and implementation of Republican sponsored bills. With what has been happening in the past, Paul Ryan was perhaps the only remaining Republican who could succeed in uniting the warring factions. By Thursday evening,, it was official that Paul Ryan will be running for the Speaker’s seat.



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