Wikileaks Brennan emails contain no classified material

Emails and documents from CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account, released by Wikileaks Wednesday, have not shown any new information on United States intelligence or any classified correspondence. A draft of a paper that requests that the president “tones down” discussions on Iran, was among the leaks.

NBC News reports that there were no actual emails in the leak, which is the first of six Wikileaks will be releasing in a series.  The group published six documents that were found among the former CIA director’s emails.

A paper illustrates challenges faced by the United States intelligence community post 9/11. The paper was written in 2007, with no author mentioned. At the time the paper was written, Brennan was serving as an adviser on national security for the Obama administration.

Another document from 2007 contains recommendations for diplomacy and intelligence issues relating to Iran. The first recommendation was to “tone down the rhetoric”. Another was to establish dialogue with Tehran. Colin Powell was named-dropped as a potential negotiator, along with Al Gore and Madeleine Albright. A very similar paper was published by Brennan in an academic journal in 2008.The papers released by Wikileaks are likely drafts, as they contain incomplete sections, when read.

Two other documents recovered were not written by Brennan, but by former Senator Kit Bond. One contains information on proposed future interrogation methods. The other is a bill, aiming to limit interrogation techniques, from 2008.

The final document is Brennan’s application for security clearance. It contains mostly personal information. After Obama took office, Brennan was named his homeland security adviser. In 2013, he became CIA director.

Wikileaks has not announced when they will be releasing more documents to the public.



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