U.S. pilot killed in England fighter jet crash

A pilot flying a Marine Corps F-18 fighter jet died Wednesday, when the plane crashed after taking off from an airbase, in East England.

USA Today reports that the Marine Corps confirmed the death of a pilot, whom they have not confirmed the name of at the time of reporting. It is not clear if the pilot was ejected from the aircraft, according to an Air Force public affairs officer.

According to Cambridgeshire Police, the aircraft crashed into farm land in Redmere, not long after leaving Lakenheath airbase in Suffolk. The pilot was the only one on-board the aircraft, police say.

The Air Force says that the F-18 was one of six fighter jets from Marine Attack Fighter Squadron 232 that were flying from Bahrain to a California Marine Corps Air Station. According to a statement,  the cause of the crash is currently unknown.

The other five fighter jets were redirected to RAF Lossiemouth, according to the Air Force.

This incident occurred a year after a F-15 from the U.S Air Force crashed in a field near Lakenheath. In that crash, however, the pilot did not endure any serious injuries.

In early 2014, four U.S Air Force members based in Lakenheath died after their helicopter hit a flock of geese, in the middle of a training session, causing the craft to crash.



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