Joe Biden will not run for president

Despite his late son’s requests, Vice President Joe Biden has opted out of running for president in the 2016 election.

Time reports that Biden would not make a third attempt for the nomination of the Democratic Party. This decision came after much public discussion over if Biden could handle the emotional aspects of running against current front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

The announcement cleared the air, after word got out that Biden’s late son Beau Biden, who passed away from brain cancer earlier this year, requested that his dad give a presidential run another shot. While presidency appeals to Biden, he acknowledged that the continued grieving by him and his family would be too difficult to face during a campaign.

The Vice President made campaign-style stops in known swing-states, like Florida, Ohio, and Michigan, in recent months. He met with frequently Democratic voting groups, like Jewish leaders, and Hispanic voters.

Biden asked his advisers regularly if they thought he had a chance at presidency. They cautioned him about the risks and his operating style as Vice President would be heavily scrutinized upon becoming president. The biggest concern among his advisers was exposing his still-grieving family to the stress of a Presidential campaign.

Despite a growth in public polls, Biden was advised that his support numbers would likely drop upon becoming a canidate. A similar thing happened when Hillary Clinton reentered politics after stepping down from her position as Secretary of State.

Joe Biden came to the decision that even though he still has a high interest in being president, now is simply not the time.

When Biden payed a visit to “The Late Show” with Steven Colbert, he said that no one should run for president unless they know why they would want to be president. He added that they should be able to look at their audience and assure them that they have their whole heart and soul into the job. ” I’d be lying if I said I knew I was there,” he said during the interview.



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