New York officer killed after gunfight, police chase.

A police officer in New York City was shot and killed, following a gunfight Tuesday night. The gunfight was between rival crews and lead a police chase on a footpath over Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive.

The New York Times reports that shots were initially fired around 8:30 PM, near East Harlem housing projects. According to officials, two crews got into an argument near a parking garage near 445 East and 102nd Street. There the incident escalated.

The shots were fired from across the street. Shell casings were found from at least three different guns on the pavement on both sides of the road.

Numerous 911 calls were placed. Officer Randolph Holder was one of a few officers deployed to the scene. Suspects ran in different directions, some toward the highway, others toward the river.

Officer Holder came across a man on bicycle. According to Police Commissioner William Bratton, there was gunfire exchanged between Officer Holder, another officer, and a male suspect. During the gunfire, Officer Holder was struck in the head.

Holder’s partner fired at the suspect, shooting him in the leg. The suspect was then arrested near 124th Street. He remains in the hospital, and will be released into police custody Wednesday.

The suspect was previously arrested in the same area, a year ago. He was one of nineteen individuals charged with selling narcotics, such as crack cocaine, to undercover police officers.

Following the shooting, three others were taken into police custody for questioning. Divers recovered a loaded semi-automatic pistol magazine, in the Harlem River.

Officer Holder was a member of the Housing Bureau and covered an area that spans the Upper East Side and Harlem. Officers check the area during “vertical patrols,” during which they investigate halls, stairways, and roofs, for illegal activity.

Area residents say that the area experiences an increase in crime this time of year.


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