Missing Georgia Tech student found alive

A student of Georgia Tech, who has been missing since Friday, was found alive near railroad tracks in Atlanta. Police say the student was badly injured he was found.

NBC News reports that Jimmy Hubert, an engineering student was last seen leaving a Greek party late Friday night. He was found by a friend, Monday.

A brother of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, which Hubert also belonged to, received a call from the friend saying that Hubert was found, but was unresponsive.

The brother, Christian Battaglia, and a few friends went to the location and waited for an ambulance. Hubert was found face down on the railroad tracks, with blood all over him.

Battalglia said that Hubert was badly bruised, with dried blood on his face and back. Police have yet to make a statement about Hubert’s condition, however Hubert’s mother took to Facebook to say that he was attacked and robbed when heading home via train after the party.

She went on to say that Hubert is in ICU with broken vertebrae and ribs, a punctured lung, blood on the brain, and paralysis on his left side.

Hubert was taken to the hospital, and is able to speak, although it is difficult and painful for the victim. Atlanta police have yet to interview him, due to his current condition.

The friend who found him was able to get Hubert to say that he was jumped, first he said by a homeless person, then later he said a group of people. He also said he got hit by a train.

Hubert’s phone was found several yards from his body, and was located through a “Find My Phone” app. His mom stated on Facebook that drugs and or alcohol were not involved in the incident.


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