Jim Webb steps out of Democratic presidential race

Jim Webb, former Virginia senator, announced Tuesday that he will no longer seek the Democratic presidential nomination. Instead, he plans to look over support of him running for a White House bid as an independent candidate.

The Washington Post reports that Webb told reporters that voters in the United States do not consider themselves to be a Democrat or Republican, and that he feels the same way.

He said during a news conference held at National Press Club in Washington that he would be withdrawing from being considered as a presidential candidate for the Democratic party.

A question and answer session took place following his announcement. Webb said that he has not yet decided if he will maintain his status as a registered Democrat. Despite the unlikely odds of an independent candidate winning the presidency, Webb stated that he and his team are exploring options for a future campaign.

By dropping out of the race, the competition grows stronger between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Webb focused mostly on foreign policy with his campaign, with strong opposition to the Iraq War and critiques of the Obama administrations way of handling the intervention in Libya. He also spoke out against the nuclear arrangements made with Iran. Webb was considered by many as an unlikely candidate, there to challenge Clinton on foreign policy.

The former senator did not grow in popularity among voters, and held very few campaign events. During the Democratic debates, he was challenged by other Democrats for his views on topics such as affirmative action and gun control.

The Federal Election Committee showed that Webb did not raise the necessary funds to run for the nomination in a competitive manner. As opposed to Clinton and Sanders, both whom have raised tens of millions of dollars, Webb raised only $700,000, spending more than half of it.



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