Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ben Carson seek Secret Service protection

Reports are showing that the Secret Service is preparing to give 24 hour protection to Republican presidential hopefuls Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

USA Today reports that the Secret Service issued letters to congressional leaders, Monday. Congress must sign off on the proposal, according to Fox News.

An aide of Ben Carson met with the Dignitary Protection Division to request protection, as threats grow toward the candidate. Sources say Trump met with the Secret Service on Friday.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed that requests for protection by the Secret Service have been made. As of Monday, no official decision has been made. Officials say the requests will likely be honored.

Trump has told media outlets that he should have security detail, entirely due to his popularity. He cited President Obama’s security detail in May of 2007. Obama received Secret Service detail earlier than any prior candidate, due to threats made against him.

Trump said that if Obama was doing as well as he is, he would have received protection from the Secret Service sooner. He also said that he has had the biggest crowds.

Hillary Clinton receives Secret Service protection, as a former First Lady. Governors running for the oval office are protected by state law enforcement. Presidential candidates often receive protection closer to the election, but some qualify sooner in the race.


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