Google opens Project Fi for 24 hours

Google is giving out instant invites to their Project Fi service, Monday, for 24 hours only. Users can sign up for the service directly on the website.

CNET reports that Project Fi is Google’s attempt to make their name in the wireless industry, by offering cheaper plans that reduce the strain on existing carrier networks. The service combines local Sprint, T-Mobile, and WiFi networks. The project has been mostly experimental, and is, until now, invite only. As of right now, it is only supported by the Nexus 6 smartphone.

The service is being opened up as its new smartphones, the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6p, which will be compatible with Project Fi. The Nexus 5x hit shelves Monday.

Customers will be attracted to the service’s low cost. United States users pay $20 a month for unlimited texts and calls. Data is $10 per gigabyte used. If users do not used their allotted data each month, the data is then credited back to them.

Google hopes to have an advantage over traditional wireless carriers by using over a million WiFi hotspots that will allow wireless access and use cell service where wireless isn’t available. One of the attractive features of Project Fi is  its technology that determines which network has the best service, allowing it to switch between the networks if one becomes weak.

Project Fi has received mixed reviews, with some finding it to be considerably slower than standard cellular networks.


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