Man dies after biting passenger on airplane

An investigation is underway in Ireland, where a 24 year old man on a flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland died Sunday.

CNBC reports that an hour after take-off, the man became visibly agitated, on the flight. The pilot asked permission to divert the aircraft after the man became violent.

During the flight, the pilot told air traffic controllers that a passenger was “running amok”, when requesting clearance, adding that passengers were hurt by the frenzied man. He was restrained by others on the plane, after his attack. He fell unconscious after he was restrained.

The passenger allegedly injured one or two passengers, biting one of them, before falling unconscious. A doctor was on the flight, and made attempts to treat the passenger, until he lost his pulse.

The flight was redirected to Cork, Ireland. The passenger was pronounced dead upon arrival. The man was believed to have been traveling alone, and was studying in Ireland.

All 168 passengers and six crew members were interviewed by police after landing. The passenger attacked and bitten was hospitalized for his injuries.



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