Amazon to take action against fake reviews


Amazon filed a lawsuit, Friday, aiming to take action against over 1,000 people who hired themselves out to write fake reviews, for around $5.00 each.

USA Today reports that the individuals in question were selling their services on Fiver.Com, a website for freelancers to sell services from logo creation, to editing a resume, starting at $5.00.

An investigation lead by Amazon found over 1,000 people offering to create fake Amazon reviews. The majority offered favorable, five-star reviews.

One Fiver user stated they had over 30 different Amazon accounts and offered 24/7 support to potential customers seeking reviews. Some urged the seller to write their own review, and the individual would post it under their own account. In order for a review to be considered “verified” by Amazon, there must be proof that the person purchased the item in question. Some reviewers ask for a promo code, which allows them to get the product for free. A few request for the seller to ship an empty envelope, so there is a verifiable shipping record. This will allow the reviewere to create a verified review, without ever making a purchase

The lawsuit states that these reviews are intentionally misleading to customers, and have a negative reflection on the Amazon brand as a whole. The suit is not against, but rather the individuals using the service for illegitimate reviews.

The majority of reviews found on Amazon are authentic. Amazon insures that there are measures taken to remove false reviews. Accounts that are found to create false reviews are deleted, with legal action to follow.

The first case against fake reviewers took place in April, when a man was operating several websites, which sold reviews. One of the sites was called




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