Turkey suffers after worst terrorist attack in its history

Two bombs were detonated during a peace rally in Turkish capital Ankara, Saturday. The blasts killed nearly 100 people and injured dozens. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and authorities believe the Islamic state orchestrated the attack.

The Washington Post reports that some are accusing the Justice and Development Party and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of being involved with the attacks. Over recent months, there has been hostility between Turkish leaders and the Kurdistan Workers Party, or the PKK. The PKK are separatists, labeled as terrorist organisations by the United States and the Turkish capital.

The event in Ankara was a peace rally organized by leftists and a pro-Kurdish party. As memorials and funerals take place, the rising tensions are made more apparent.

No prominent members of the Justice and Development Party have appeared at any of the funerals or memorials. This is likely due to the fear of angry attendees, that could take action against the officials.

At events in Istanbul, citizens carried coffins of victims. Some coffins were draped with Kurdish flags over top of them.

The leader of the People’s Democratic Party, who was part of the attacked demonstration, attended the commemorations of the victims. In Diyarbakir, protesters had difficulties with security personnel. A widower from the attacks said the demonstrators only wanted peace, but the attackers only wanted death for them.  “They are murderers, and we know who the murderer is!”, she said. “But we do not collapse. We struggle with our moral and conscience. And it will go on. They can kill us one time, but we are born thousand times again.”




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