Problem that delayed Southwest Airlines flights resolved

The technological problems that delayed hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights Sunday has been resolved. Operations are expected to resume as normal.

Fox News reports that Southwest Airlines warned passengers flying Monday to arrive two hours early and to print boarding passes ahead of time. A spokesperson said Monday that flyers should expect a normal day.

Backup systems were used Sunday to check in travelers that did not have their printed or mobile boarding passes before their flights.

Representatives have not yet stated what caused the problem, but a spokesperson confirmed that there is no indication that hackers were involved.

450 of 3,600 flights were significantly delayed on Sunday. The problem affected the airlines mobile application, website, and reservation centers. Airline workers were forced to manually issue tickets.

Phoenix and Los Angeles airports were packed full of people. At LAX, the airport handed out water and built canopies to accommodate travelers waiting outside.

Airlines typically resolve tech problems in a couple of hours. A similar glitch occurred in July with United Airlines, grounding 4,900 scheduled flights. American Airlines had significant computer issues back in September.

Travelers were stuck at airports for hours. Some took to social media to document their experience, via video and photos. One traveler in Phoenix called the incident, “Disneyland on the weekend.”

Southwest Airlines issued a tweet Monday morning stating operations are back to normal.


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