Fox News and GQ in a War of Words over Carson’s Column

Away from the presidential debate, another storm was brewing and this time it involved Fox News and GQ. This is after GQ published a column written by Drew Magary that did not have any kind words for Carson. Magary went guns blazing on Carson after the Republican’s presidential aspirant comments related to mass shootings in the recent past. Magary did not mince her words after she went for Carson, Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal saying that some of the comments they make on the media reflect what they really feel about the U.S electorate. A few hours after the column was published on GQ, Fox News went on the offensive and dedicated several segments on the cable news channel which were used to attach Magary and GQ.

Most of Fox News anchors were critical of Magary saying that her column had introduced a new low to racism. However, it comes as no surprise that Fox News would go to that extent to answer to a column written on a liberal news media. Many are the times that Fox News has come to the defence of Republican and conservative candidates. Close sources say that among the Republican candidates, it is clear that Ben Carson is the most favourite to Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News. Murdoch himself raised another storm early this week when he tweeted that Ben Carson would be a real black president. The tweet was perhaps supposed to put into question president Obama’s nationality. However, Murdoch later apologized regarding the tweet which was seen as being insensitive to some people.




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