Pressure Mounts on Paul Ryan to Replace Boehner

Paul Ryan is seriously considering running for the house speaker seat after pressure from his Republican Party. Source close to the Republican Representative say that Ryan is under intense pressure to vie for the seat after the party was blindsided by Kevin McCarty who is also the leader of the majority’s withdrawal from the speaker’s race. Ryan has been quoted in the past saying that he is not interested in the seat attributing his sentiments to his ambition to become the U.S president. If elected the speaker of the house, Ryan could be instrumental in bridging the gap between the conservatives and the Republicans.

Reports indicate that even Mitt Romney himself called Ryan and asked him to vie for the seat. However when questioned about the same, Romney said that he was not the kind of things that people should do and that Ryan was free to choose on whether to take upon the offer or not. There is a renewed pressure on Paul Ryan to run for the seat as he is viewed as the strongest Republican candidate for the seat. Even speaker Boehner had to postpone the elections despite having been two candidates that had already expressed their interest for the seat. However, the said candidates were not viewed as having enough clout to marshal the conservatives and the Republicans in policy formulation.



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