Kevin McCarthy is out of the House Speaker Race

The House Republican party has been blindsided by Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the speaker’s race throwing the party in even more turmoil over who should succeed former speaker John A. Boehner. According to The New York Times, there is no clear leader in sight for the republicans amidst a high stake battle to replace Boehner. The republican lawmakers had gathered to endorse McCarthy as their preferred replacement for the speaker’s seat but he disappointed them by stating that he did not feel like he lacked the ability to unite the Republican majority in the house.

After the announcement, Boehner who learnt of McCarthy’s withdrawal a few minutes after he made the announcement declared the meeting be adjourned until further notice. Most of the Republic legislators are pushing to have house representative Paul Ryan become the speaker even after Paul Ryan clarified that he is not interested in the speaker’s seat. The current indecisiveness has exposed the underbelly of a divided Republican Party that is facing a contentious presidential primary.

Many of the legislators from the Republican side were surprised by McCarty’s move and while he had the support of his party, those close to him said that McCarthy was wary of a possible humiliating defeat at the floor of the house. Most of the Republican lawmakers interviewed said that they needed some time to contemplate on their next move before making a decision on who will replace Boehner. Mr. McCarthy has in the recent past been on the limelight after being questioned about his verbal competence and his credentials as a conservative politician.



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