A Review of ‘Walking Dead’ Season 6

Today, some of the most talked about TV series are The Walking Dead (Season 6), Empire (Season 2) and Game of Thrones (Season6). These are some of the TV series that evoke emotions of horror, violence, drama and spectacle making them some of the best series of all time.

‘The Walking Dead’ which is based on a post-zombie apocalypse has always been set to become a masterpiece. The season 6 which will premiere on Sunday is likely to be received with much anticipation and enthusiasm as it will escalate the cinema wallop into new heights with scenes of zombie-clearing action. Season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’ begins from where season 5 left from immediately after the execution of a member of the Alexandria community by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). However, the first episode of season 6 lacks the conspicuous figure of Carl who is Rick’s son. Most of the fans will be left wondering where Carl is but it cannot be ruled out that subsequent episodes will be full of intrigues and surprises.

Rick has evolved as a character in the series and most people will be left questioning what kind of person he has become after the earlier execution. However, ‘The Walking Dead’ has again proven that the show has always been shot with steady tension and elegant assembly. The season premiere opens the door to new dangers and possibilities making it the type of show you don’t want to miss.



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