Three killed, two injured in gas plant explosion

Three people were killed, and two were injured following an explosion in a Louisiana natural gas plant, in Louisiana.

NBC News reports that the victims were contractors at the Williams Partners gas plant, in Gibson, Louisiana. Gibson is about 60 miles Southwest of New Orleans.

One of the two injured is being treated for burns at a Baton Rouge hospital. The other is being treated at Terreborne General Hospital, according to police.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known. It was reported shortly after 11 AM, Thursday. Plant Operations manager, Warren Toups says that the plant was out of service and not flowing gas at the time of the explosion.

According to police, workers that were believed to be at the plant have all been accounted for, and there is no current danger at the site, at this time.

Despite assurance from police and the Terrebonne Department of Homeland Security that there is no immediate danger, fire is still burning from the plant, releasing black smoke into the sky. Officials continue to assure that there is no hazard caused by the plant.

Williams Partners was the owner of a chemical plant in Geismar in Ascension Parrish, where a worker was killed and 73 were injured, back in 2013. The company paid a $36,000 federal fine for safety violations, following that incident.



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