Jim Carrey’s Ex- girlfriend Cathriona White Commits Suicide

Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Cathriona White committed suicide at the age of 28 years. In an interview with MSN Entertainment, Carrey said that he was deeply shocked by the untimely death of his former girlfriend. He said that Cathriona’s personality was that of a kind person who touched the lives of many people positively. Cathriona was found dead by authorities at her Los Angeles home in what is believed to be an overdose of drugs as a lot of pills were found beside her bed. White was discovered after two of her friends went to check on her and when she did not respond, the called in the police who discovered her lifeless body in her room.

Carrey and White have been in and out of a relationship since 2012. They rekindled their love early this year but apparently, they broke up again. White left behind a suicide note which suggested that she and Carrey had broken up on September 4rth. On the same day of the supposed break up, White tweeted that she was signing on twitter and that she hoped that she had been a light to her nearest and darkest. The tweet was followed by a couple of other tweets including a picture she took with Carrey at the Grand Central Station. The image remains the last tweet she had preceded by an Instagram post saying that she, White, pretended that everything was okay and that was just what she had to deal with.


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