Hillary Clinton’s Email Hacks Attempts

According to one of the emails released under a court order, it was revealed that hackers attempted to hack into Hilary Clinton’s homemade personal system a total of five times in a single day. According to Politico, the emails were disguised as speeding tickets and were seen to be emanating from Russia. It is still not clear whether Clinton clicked on any of the attachments. The latest revelations are likely to increase the public anger where Clinton is accused of disregarding the more secure State.gov email and using her personal email while executing her duty as the United States’ top diplomat.

Clinton has remained adamant that at no single time was her email hacked despite the rising fears that some confidential information might have fallen into the wrong hands without her knowledge. However, it was her decision to erase some of the emails that has raised eyebrows and greatly hurt her 2016 presidential bid. In addition to this, many have questioned her decision to use her personal server as opposed to the government server exposing herself to potential breach. The current fiasco has resulted into a probe by the FBI to ascertain whether indeed classified information was at risk. The Republican presidential hopefuls have seized on these new developments to criticize her handling of government matters saying that some of the emails contained high level information that they should have been marked TOP SECRET but they were not.



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