Oregon college gunman killed himself in classroom

The gunman that killed nine people at an Oregon community college last week, died from a self-inflicted gunshot in a classroom where he had committed much of the shooting, according to police officials.

The New York Times reports that officers exchanged gunfire with the shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer outside a building at Umpqua Community College. He later ran back inside the school and killed himself, police say.

During a news conference, the first responding officers Detective Sgt. Joe Kaney and Detective Todd Spingath of the Roseberg Police Department were said to have arrived in plain clothes, without any bulletproof vests.

The two heard shots and saw the shooter in the doorway of the Snyder Hall building. The shooter fired several shots at the officers, who in turn, fired three shots. One of the three shots hit the shooter on the right side.

After being shot, the gunman returned to the classroom where he previously shot his teacher and fellow students, and turned the gun on himself.

Police Chief Jim Burge said during the news conference that the two saved lives, with their actions. He stated that the incident would have been magnified without their response, but put particular emphasis on the fact that Kaney and Spingath do not want to be thought of as heroes, but rather as first responders that showed up and did the job they are expected to do.



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