$310 Million jackpot winner to focus on family

A Michigan fiberglass factory worker won a $310.5 Million Powerball jackpot, Wednesday. She immediately plans to quit her job, which she referred to as “nasty” and “dirty”. Her first plan is to build houses for her family, with her winnings.

CBS News reports that Julie Leach, 50, took her lunch break at McDonalds, while working third shift in the factory. She described the evening as, “a really bad night”. She checked her lottery numbers while waiting in the drive thru line.

In a news conference, at the Michigan Lottery Headquarters, Leach said she would focus on taking care of her family. “I don’t want them to have to work like I had to work and deal with the kinds of things I had to deal with over life. I just want to make it a good life for them, take care of them,” Leach said, during the conference.

Leach took a one time, lump sum payment of $140 million, after taxes. She played in a lottery pool with her co-workers, but stopped for $20 worth of extra tickets, Wednesday, on her way to work. The winning ticket was bought at the Three Rivers Shell gas station.

She did not initially believe that she had really one, and took the winning ticket to her job, asking coworkers to look at it. Once it was verified a winner, Leach went home and woke up her partner, Vaughn Avery. She talked him out of going into work, saying, “Are you crazy? We don’t have to work anymore!”

Leach plans to buy property with her winnings, where she will build homes for her family.


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