Floods in South Carolina leave nine dead

After higher than expected rainfall, floods in South Carolina have caused nine deaths. Roads and bridges remain closed, as hundreds are rescued from their homes and cars. Flooding is expected to continue throughout the state.

Residents have been warned by Governor Nikki Haley to stay on alert as rain continues in the flooded areas. Over two feet of rain has fallen in three days, and has continued through most of Monday, The Huffington Post reports.

Floods have closed schools and government buildings. Drivers have been left stranded, requiring significant rescue efforts.

Five individuals drowned in a surge of floodwaters. Four others lost their lives due to car accidents, caused by the weather. In one case, a state transportation department worker died after his truck was overturned, and washed away by floods. The storms caused two additional deaths in North Carolina.

Over 1,000 people are in shelters through the state. Around 40,000 people are left without drinking water, which has led to the opening of water distribution centers. Approximately 26,000 people are without power.

In Columbia, the state capital, officials are going door to door, looking for anyone stranded in their home, as well as to inspect the condition of damaged buildings.

Flooding is still a concern as rain is still expected in the middle and northern areas of the state. Water in these areas flows downstream to already swamp-like areas. Officials expect flooding to continue for weeks, if not months with current weather predictions.


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