Army vet confronted Oregon school shooter

A former Army infantryman, and Umpqua Community College student, Chris Mintz, confronted the gunman who opened fire on the campus, Wednesday.

The Washington Post reports that Mintz approached the gunman when he attempted to obstruct the classroom doorway. He was shot three times, then collapsed. He then tried to reason with the shooter, Mintz’ aunt, Wanda Mintz said.

Mintz looked at the shooter, telling him that it was his son’s birthday, asking him not to continue, in an attempt to reason with him. The gunman then shot him two more times. Mintz is currently undergoing surgery for multiple gunshot woods. His aunt affirmed that Mintz was just trying to do the right thing,  and described the veteran saying, “…If he sees someone who needs help, he just helps.”

Mintz, who is now considered a hero by many, was shot in the upper back, stomach, left hand, and leg, according to the mother of his son. Both of his legs were also broken during the incident. A GoFundMe page was set up by Mintz’ family, in effort to raise funds for medical and childcare expenses. The fund raised $120,000 dollars in just over a day, way ahead of the targeted $10,000.

Chris Mintz served in the Army, and was stationed in Fort Lewis in Washington. He also came from a wrestling and mixed martial arts background. Mintz previously fought on the amateur MMA circuit in 2011 and 2012.

The Oregon school is just the latest of many to be affected by a mass shooting in America. The shooting left ten dead and many injured.




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