Facebook introduces new profile features

Facebook has begun testing new ways in which profiles can be personalized. One of the key new features is the ability to change your profile picture to a seven-second video.

Facebook product managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh said that Facebook user profiles are viewed over 4 billion times a day, ABC News reports. Facebook profiles are a huge part of how an individual chooses to express themselves online.

In addition to the video, Facebook is creating other new options for profile photos. The site plans to give users the ability to create a temporary profile picture, that will revert back to  a default one after a certain period of time. This will make it easier for those who decide to change their profile picture to support a cause or event.

The site also plans to improve controls for profiles, giving users the freedom to decide how much they want to customize their Facebook page. They plan to do this through a customizable space at the top of the page that will allow users to input a one line biography, and feature up to five photos. The mobile application will undergo the biggest changes, with profile pictures taking center stage, as they prepare to roll out the other customizable features.

The new features are currently only available for iPhone users in California and the United Kingdom. The update is expected for other users soon.


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