Congress takes measures to prevent government shutdown.

Congress approved a bill for short-term spending bill Wednesday. The bill will prevent a government shutdown and keep federal agencies funded through the middle of December.

The Washington Post reports that the senate passed the bill with a 78 to 20 vote. The house cleared it with a 277 to 151 vote. President Obama is expected to sign it into law later on.

By delaying the final decision on topics such as government spending and abortion, it pushes back a potential government shutdown to December, when new House Republicans will be present. There is a push from conservatives for those individuals to be harder on President Obama on the controversial issues.

The bill extends current spending through December 11th, and is vacant of any language associated with de-funding Planned Parenthood. There has been significant pressure from conservatives to de-fund the group, after videos circulated that accused Planned Parenthood of illegally selling fetal tissue for a profit.

Discussions for a full year plan are expected to begin soon. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is advocating for a deal that would set the government budget for the next two years, with efforts to avoid funding conflicts going into the 2015 Presidential and Congressional races.

Democrats, such as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, are open to negotiations for spending for the next two years, and are hoping to wrap up discussions as quickly as possible. Democrats have also expressed a desire to negotiate speaking to House Speaker John Boehner before he vacates his seat in October. There are concerns that whomever takes his place may not be as willing to negotiate.

Boehner has expressed a desire to work on as many issues as he can before he steps down. Democrats hope for a bigger deal on fiscal issues, such as increasing the debt limit, over the next few weeks.



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