Donna Shalala Suffers a Stroke

Donna Shalala who was a Cabinet secretary in the Clinton administration suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in New York. Shalala is the current president of the Clinton Foundation which is a non-profit foundation created by the former president of the US to address some of the global issues affecting the society. The Clinton Foundation has been instrumental in addressing global issues and funding emergencies not just within the United States but also across the borders. According to Clinton, Donna suffered a stroke but it is a good thing that she was with her friends who immediately rushed her to hospital.

Donna Shalala’s history with the former US president Bill Clinton dates back to 1993 when Clinton was elected into office. Immediately after his election, Clinton nominated Shalala as the secretary for health and human services a docket she held for approximately 8 years. Before becoming the president of the Clinton Foundation, Shalala was the president of the University of Miami for more than a decade. She has also served as the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin and the president of Hunter College in New York. It is expected that Shalala will gain full recovery in the coming days according to reports by The CNN



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