Convicted Killer Accidentally Released From Prison

A convicted killer was recently released from a Louisiana prison and officials have issued an arrest warrant to have the convict back in custody. According to Fox News, Benjueil Johnson was serving a sentence of 40 years after having pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson Louisville. According to reports, Johnson had been released from Dixon Correctional Institute for good behavior and was later transferred to the East Feliciana Parish Jail where he was booked for misdemeanor when he battered a correctional officer. However, he was later released after he posted a $10,000 bond due to the simple reason that his manslaughter conviction did not appear in the State Department correctional file.

Pam Laborde who is the Louisiana Department of Correction spokesperson said that the department was not trying to make excuses for what happened but said that there should have been some information that would have triggered a closer scrutiny by the correctional officials. Johnson’s accidental release was not known until Monday when he was recognized by a passerby who informed the officials. Special prosecutor Tony Clayton who helped put Johnson behind bars said that it would be a wise thing if Johnson turned himself in. Clayton further added that if Johnson did not hand himself to the authorities, a manhunt would be launched for his re-arrest. Investigators have however failed to locate the whereabouts of Johnson up to now.


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