VW Faces Legal Suits

VW, the German auto maker is set to receive a barrage of litigations in the wake of the AG’s emissions scandal pitting the auto maker in a prolonged legal turf. AS reported by The Wall Street Journal, lawyers are in the process of consolidating various litigations arising from the emissions scandal and it is estimated that there were over two dozen lawsuits in various US courts a few days after the EPA disclosed the emissions cheating admission by VW. Authorities have said that VW which has over 11 million vehicles across the world install a software that can alter the nature of emissions by a car whereby a car appears cleaner than it is during testing but the software is later deactivated during normal driving conditions.

Since the admission by VW, lawyers across the country are moving to consolidate a litigation against the German auto maker in what is referred to as a multidistrict litigation since it will be a call for legal action from different jurisdictions. It is expected that the plaintiffs will seek billions of dollars in damages and despite the fact that no exact figure has been provided so far, many lawyers expect the judicial system to take action against VW. Over the weekend, VW issued an apology pleading with the company’s customer to be patient with the auto maker while it works to address the problem.



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